Windows media player help please.

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    Good evening

    I have the new windows media player on my laptop and have some mpeg files (music videos) that I can play on it. These files will not work on the old windows media player...Is there anyway of exporting the files to work on the old media player?, the computer I want to use them on does not have internet access. Or is there anyway of installing the new media player without accessing the internet.

    Thanks for your help

    G x
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    You don't mention what format the files are, other than saying they are mpeg. Are they mpeg2 wrapped in an AVI or WMV or are they straight mpeg2 (mpg) files or possible mpeg4 (mp4, divx, etc)

    Either way I think you'll find that it is most likely a codec issue that you have. The MS media players rely on third party codecs to be able to play files. You can download and install codec packs using your internet connected PC and a USB key, or writeable CD. The best codec packs are K-lite or Gordian Knot. Alternatively, if it is MPEG2, then install the videolan VLC player. That will play your files but it should also install an MPEG2 codec which will allow Media player to handle them too.
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    The new wmp versions should have the codecs installed on them already. Download the latest version on your laptop and copy it to cd (if possible) then install it straight from the cd on your old computer. Why doesn't your old computer have internet access?
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    Not my computer I want to play them on...Thanks for your help
  5. you can go on

    click on download and then save as.

    on to your desktop, and then either burn it onto a CD or put it onto a pendrive, and install it on the other computer,

    easy, but make sure it is a genuine copy of windows otherwise windows media player wont work

    and you dont need to be connected to the interent to install it.

    also you need to have windows xp with serive pack 2 installed or it wont work