Wind Beneath my Wings

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  1. gcbtrom

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    Apologies if this has already been asked, I'm after a recording of:
    -Wind Beneath My Wings
    -You Raise Me Up

    Euph or Trom with piano accomp.

    If anyone can steer me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated!

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  2. basebonetone

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    try - they have a download link/purchase - not sure if its scored with piano or what but might be useable?

  3. gcbtrom

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    Tried that, found a Youtube Video of WBMW but would prefer a CD recording.

    It's for a possible entry into a music competition next year and entries need to be in by Mid November so help ASAP would be useful... :)
  4. brassneck

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    There's a load of trom stuff here, but the accompaniment is MIDI. Not what you probably want.
  5. gcbtrom

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    I'm not bothered about the accomp sound for the moment, I want to find the above pieces with piano to hear what they sound like as i've heard a few "odd" renditions of them and don't want to pick "one of them"
  6. gcbtrom

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    They're ok but not quite what I'm after, thanks anyway
  7. JamesVoros

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    Are you looking for a backing track to play with? Or just to hear how the melody goes

  8. Po's the name

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    I have a recording by the Flowers Band on a cd they recorded at a brass band festival. This trombone solo 'Wind Beneath My Wings' is with band accompaniment so Im not sure if it helps, if you'd like to hear it then drop m an email and I will email the track over to you, no problem at all.
    My email address is
  9. gcbtrom

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    Thanks for the replies. Basically I need a Solo with Piano Accomp. Having heard a few renditions on youtube with various accomp, the lack of music available on this island and the lack of "previews" of such pieces online it's handy to know if anyone has any recordings of either piece with piano accomp - or where I could get such recordings.