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    I am on the look out for a wind band or orchestra for a clarinet player of grade six standard plus, in or around the Huddersfield area, preferably with a good number of younger members.

    Player may need tranport, depending on dates/times of rehearsals and distance travelled.

    Please pm me with any details and I will pass them on.

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    HI Barry
    We are the West yorkshire fire and rescue service band based in Birkenshaw,Leeds and have folks who travel in from Huddersfield.
    We rehearse on a monday and are a wind band with vacancies for clarinets.
    If you take a look at our website and then mail me back, I can send you more specific information. Also, we have a recruitment thread running on here which I have put a good deal of info into.
    Hope this helps and look forward to hearing from you
    Kind Regards

    PS Barry, I cannot PM you because your mailbox is full and cannot accept any more PM's
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    you dont give the age of the player, so Louise's band may be the way to go, if of school age you should contact the county's music services for help.