Wind Band composers, Phillip Sparke, Edward Gregson

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  1. ScreamingSop

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    Just wondering if anyone knew wher i could get some information about the wind band music of these two composers.
    We are doing an assignment about the contribution of two important composers active in the wind band field during 1950-present,
    Need some information if anyone could help.
  2. jonford

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  3. ScreamingSop

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    cheers, have tried these, they are great for the background for the composers and list of works, just looking for more about the composers contribution to the development of the wind band, tis hard
  4. tinytimp

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    Have you tried BASBWE - British Assoc of Symphonic Bands and Wind Ensembles?

    There might be info or contact details there for you. If you do find something, let me know cos I was planning on doing something similar for my dissertation next year! :)

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