William Himes

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  1. toby hobson

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    Does anyone know where I could buy a set of parts for his cornet solo I'd rather have Jesus?
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  2. Brian Bowen

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    It's published by The Salvation Army USA Central Territory in its American Festival Series. It's No. 2 in the very first edition. See here:

    The listing gives the wrong arranger's name: it should say William Himes (sample pages of the score can be seen on the website).
  3. toby hobson

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    thats brilliant thanks very much.

    thats the 2nd piece with in a month that i cant get in the uk, someone missing a trick i recon, a gap in the market maybe.
  4. Brian Bowen

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    Strangely, WoB (SP&S) in the UK appear not to represent their counterpart in the USA Central Territory (Des Plaines/Chicago) yet they do represent the USA Eastern Territory (W. Nyack/New York) for their band publications.

    Carl Woodman at WoB would know more about this.