Will you be studying in Edinburgh?

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    If so, you will receive a warm welcome at this band.

    Its NOT a brass band but a concert band (ie has brass as well as flutes, oboes, clarinets, french horns etc) The reduced level of commitment might suit you if you are supposed to be studying!.....;)

    We play on Monday nights at 7.30 just 5 minutes from Princes Street.

    The band has a full set of quality instruments are have vacancies for all brass band instruments. If you want to learn another instrument to expand your musical capabilities-no problem. We organise free of charge lessons with professional teachers and give you an instrument.

    We do concerts, go away for residential musical/social weekends, and go abroad quite a lot too. We don't get involved in competitions. :clap:

    Lots of very experienced players in the band. :cool:

    The music is interesting, its changed regularly and the band does lots of social things too.

    If interested, get in touch as follows:


    The band mobile is: 07949 589 796

    If you don't fancy this, and would rather play in a brass band, but don't know anyone yet, we can soon put you in touch with one of our local brass band contacts appropriate to your level who can help you out from there.

    Hope you are looking forward to coming to Scotland.

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