Will the UK soon be a nation of philisteins

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Bbmad, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. Bbmad

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    I cant remember the last time i witnessed anyone in the 16-50 bracket do any of the following:

    attend a brass band concert (except fam of supporters)
    attend a classical concert
    attend a classic rock/blues/country/soul/jazz performance
    talk about a book they have read
    talk about politics without regurgitating what they have read in a tabloid headline
    Visit an art gallery
    tune in to radio 3 or classic fm
    learn a new language
    try any of the above to see if they like it.

    i give the uk 10yrs tops before pretty much everyone is a robot
  2. James Yelland

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    Philistines (spelling).
  3. Bbmad

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  4. 2nd tenor

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    Never mind the spelling it's an interesting thought and good posts are to be encouraged?

    I report that things are better than Bbmad thinks. My children have, without prompting from me, done several of the things on Bbmad's list. Whilst I'd like to think they are exceptional and the best children in the UK that's just not the truth, but it might be reasonable to think that they are within the upper quartile.
  5. Hsop

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    Full Stein
  6. mxb59307

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    Rick stein....and off we go!
  7. go on then... Jock Stein
  8. Vegasbound

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    Beer stein!
  9. Ianroberts

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    You daft holstein
  10. bassendworld

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    Jim stein man
  11. iancwilx

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    Frankenstein !

    ~ Mr Wilx