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    Hi Everybody,

    Does anybody what the rules are regarding borrowing players in the Wilkinsons Northern Open? (at least I think thats the name, our MD said that we were going to be competing in the 'Pilkingtons' contest but I'm sure I heard somewhere that it had changed its name).

    If I have the name wrong then any information about Pilkingtons would be appreciated as well!!

    Hope you guys can help me out.


    (P.S. If anyone knows if there is a website about the contest that would be great!)
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    wilkinsons is run by rainford band, so i'd suggest you get in touch with a member from there who would be able to speak to the relevant people and find out for you.

    or, alternatively, give frank hodges a call, you should be able to find his number in most of the banding press, and it'll be online somewhere.

    frank is the contest controller for a lot of the north west contests, and possibly even wilkinsons, i'm not sure on that one. but if nothing else, he does sit on second 2nd baritone at rainford band. i think he would be a good man to ask

    also, just some background stuff.. the contest used to be pilkingtons, as it was sponsored by pilkingtons glass which is based in St Helens (where the contest is!). however it's now sponsored by Wilkinsons, hence the change in name. and my mum calling it wilky pilky's (she's gunna love me for saying that)
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    again i'm not sure on this but i seem to remember you can borrow a limited number of players, might be 4?