Wilkinsons Northern Open 2009

Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by Frontman, Nov 12, 2009.

  1. Frontman

    Frontman Member

    I have not see anything at all about this contest which is on at St Helens next weekend. Anyone any idea as to who is entering?

    Boarshurst Silver are in the 3rd section as too are Stalybridge Old I believe.
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  3. E flat fred

    E flat fred Member

    I thought it was this Sunday 15th Nov. I hope I am going on the right date.
  4. Frontman

    Frontman Member

    It is. Next weekend being this Sunday coming.
  5. Frontman

    Frontman Member


    I have not see anything at all about this contest which is at St Helens on Sunday next, 15th Nov..
    Anyone any idea as to who is entering?

    Boarshurst Silver are in the 3rd section as too are Stalybridge Old I believe.
  6. adrian90s

    adrian90s Member

    Yorkshire Imps are there.
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  7. E flat fred

    E flat fred Member

    I was under the impression that you were not allowed to name the piece you were playing on the web site unless you wanted to let the adjudicator know which band is playing which piece. That is surely giving advantage to certain bands that name their piece.We are not in that section so it does not affect our band.
  8. JPCoulson

    JPCoulson Member

    Skelmersdale Prize Band are there in the second section
  9. spufferoo

    spufferoo Member

    Crofton silver will be there in the third section
  10. drumstyx

    drumstyx New Member

    Hammonds Saltaire are playing Ch/1st section
  11. Accidental

    Accidental Supporting Member

    lots more on THIS thread.
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  13. bassmittens

    bassmittens Member

    .............and it's even got the results on it too!

    That is last year's thread i believe.
  14. billysackbutt

    billysackbutt Member

    Are imps at the Scottish Open this year?
  15. brasscrest

    brasscrest Active Member

    Indeed, you are correct. That one is last year's thread, which I have now locked.

    Carry on.
  16. Columbo

    Columbo Member

    Am am pleasantly surprised to see Imps and Hammonds there. As far as I can remember, it hasn't attracted bands of their pedigree previously.
  17. drumstyx

    drumstyx New Member

    yeah.. i think it will be good for the competition, people seeing names arriving, more people will come and watch, also, it adds a bit of colour to the top sections, making it that little bit more interesting, and giving the 1st section bands something to aim for..:tup
  18. Columbo

    Columbo Member

    Also should be a pot in there for you?? Whats prize money, as I feel there's no prestige there for yourselves. Whats the motive? I mean this with the utmost respect.
  19. BariPower

    BariPower Member

    Cant afford BIC this year so think I'll pop over to Wilkinsons instead - could be interesting!
  20. drumstyx

    drumstyx New Member

    im not sure.. i think its just to get the contest season under way.. and to get abit of experience under the belts for new players..
  21. brasscrest

    brasscrest Active Member

    Seems to me to be an excellent idea, especially for a band that's had as many changes as Hammonds has had in recent years. It's a contest environment where the band has a chance to blend together without having the pressure of performing where a poor showing will affect the band's grading in the future.

    Regardless of the quality of the new(er) players in the band, experience on the stage is invaluable and impossible to come by without actually being on the stage.
  22. Perc-guy

    Perc-guy Member

    Blackley Band are there in the 3rd section

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