Wilkinson Northern Open Results

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  1. Andy Moore

    Andy Moore Member

    Section A (Championship/1st Section)
    Quintessence - Robert Redhead

    1. Haydock (L. Nicholson) :D 194pts
    2. Northop Silver 192pts
    3. Marsden (G. Williams) 189pts
    4. Blackburn & Darwen 188pts
    5. Longridge 187pts
    6. Poulton-le-Fylde 186pts
    7. ****ington 185pts
    8. Harrogate 184pts
    =9. Stalybridge 183pts
    =9. Wire Brass 183pts
    11. Broughtons Brass 181pts
    12. Hade Edge 180pts
    13. Chapeltown Silver 179pts

    Best Soprano Cornet - Haydock :D
    Best Flugel - Northop Silver
    Best Euphonium - Marsden

    Section B (2nd Section)
    Renaissance - Peter Graham

    1. South Yorkshire Police Brass (A. Dennis)
    2. Yorkshire Building Society Concert (M. Hannan)
    3. Flixton (K. Gibbs)
    4. Meltham & Meltham Mills
    5. Carlton Brass
    6. Greenalls
    7. Golborne
    8. Rockingham

    Best Solo Cornet - South Yorkshire Police Brass
    Best Basses - Yorkshire Building Society Concert

    Section C (Third Section)
    The Call of the Righteous - Leslie Condon

    1. Trinity Girls 185pts
    2. Pemberton Old 'B' 183pts
    3. Eccleston Brass 182pts
    4. Lostock Hall 180pts
    5. City of Birmingham Brass 179pts
    6. Parr 178pts
    7. Harlech 177pts

    Section D
    Fourth Section
    Own choice piece that is published by SP&S

    1. Rivington & Adlington 182pts
    2. Port Sunlight Lyceum Brass 179pts
    3. Dobcross Youth 2003 177pts
    4. Friendly Band (Sowerby Bridge) 175pts
    5. Dunston Silver 174pts
  2. Vickitorious

    Vickitorious Active Member

    :woo :bounce :clap: Woooooooo hoooooooooo! :-D Go Haydock! :-D Nice one guys and gals!

    I was asleep when you rang me sarah :rolleyes: Lol!
  3. IcklePablo

    IcklePablo Member

    top section :1. HAYDOCK

    happy happy happy

    Best sop = HAYDOCK
  4. Daniel Sheard

    Daniel Sheard Member

    Well chuffed at coming second, and congrats to our flugel player Carol.

    Trombone, Northop Silver
  5. billy_p

    billy_p Member

    congrats to haydock, due a good result methinks
  6. ju33les

    ju33les Member

    Well done Haydock! :-D :-D :-D

    (and well done us on our 3rd :) :cool: in second section)
  7. lynchie

    lynchie Active Member

    Well done to all the guys at Haydock, and also to all at Flixton... Bit of an improvement on last year's result eh guys?
  8. lottie4744

    lottie4744 Member

    Wooooooo go flixton!!!!!!!! and yer well done Haydock!
  9. T-Horn

    T-Horn Member

    well done to all at flixton. great result for you guys and gals.

    well done to haydock to. !!!!!!
  10. neiltwist

    neiltwist Active Member

    you can't really complain can you? well, you can if didn't like the results!

    just out of interest, did any of the other bands try to cover the missing trombones (it's scored for 5)? and if so, what did you do generally?

    but well done to everyone, and congratulations to flixton, who seem to be quite on form recently.
  11. rutty

    rutty Active Member

    I only heard the first two bands in the 2nd section before we had to go off and play - was very impressed with Flixton :)

    It's the first time we played there, well worth going even though we were a little disappointed with fifth. It was a good piece in a good venue. Well done to all the prize winners ;)
  12. drummergurl

    drummergurl Active Member

    yaaaaaay... sorry vic!! :hammer :hammer :hammer :guiness :guiness :guiness
    :metal: :metal: :woo
    i think i celebrated abit much... i have a really big headache.. but the worst is yet to come
  13. richieramsaran

    richieramsaran New Member

    Northop on the up and up

    Well done to the guys and girls at Northop. I really enjoyed myfirast contest with you.... you bunch of doubters. This is definitly a new upward trend!!!
  14. drummergurl

    drummergurl Active Member

    well done northop too!!!

    i didnt get to hear any bands yesterday... so i cant comment on peoples performances...
  15. Baldeagle

    Baldeagle Member

    Well done Sparky, It was not our day.
  16. stotty74

    stotty74 Member

    Brilliant result for Northop - it's been a long time coming but all the hard work finally paid off:) And well done to Carol our fantastic flugal player.

    Congrats to Port Sunlight in Section D - 2nd place for the 3rd year in a row!!!! maybe next year they'll go one better!!

    Well done to everyone, and especially Haydock and DG
  17. Laserbeam bass

    Laserbeam bass Active Member

    Think the censor program has been a little bit too sensitive in not allowing B0llington their rightful publicity [​IMG]
  18. geordiecolin

    geordiecolin Active Member

    Congrats to all at Haydock and a good result for Flixton too.

    Police Band beating YBS Concert into 2nd highlights the strength of Yorkshire 2nd Section this year, especially when you consider the top 3 at Pontins were also all Yorkshire 2nd Section. Well done guys!! :D
  19. WoodenFlugel

    WoodenFlugel Moderator Staff Member

    Just want to add my congratulations to Haydock and Flixton. It seems like the weekend's contests were pretty successful for tMP menbers' bands...:D
  20. aimee_euph

    aimee_euph Member

    yay! go haydock!

    Well done to everyone! And not well done to all you band people....only 2people from tmp said hello when buying programmes from me! How rude!! hehe

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