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Discussion in 'Thread Games & Totally Random...' started by Lauradoll, Dec 28, 2009.

  1. Lauradoll

    Lauradoll Active Member

    Does any Wii Fitters know if when you are doing "jogging" on the one when you can watch TV, can you in fact leave the house?

    I did a 20 min jog this morning in the lounge and kitchen but could I go round the block or would it break the communitcation with the Wii?

    Thanks in advance!!
  2. Shy Guy

    Shy Guy New Member

    I think it probably would break the connection, but I have never tried. I doubt the connection is strong enough to go far.
  3. scotchgirl

    scotchgirl Active Member

    oooh Santa brought us a Wii Fit Plus...haven't got it out the box yet lol! Am gagging to have a go, but the boys are dominating it with Wii Sports and MarioKart lol! Although it is hilarious to see a grown adult's ass whipped by a child of 7.
  4. flugelgal

    flugelgal Active Member

    I haven't tried it for a while, being somewhat averse to jogging, and also being unable to "Wii Fit" just now anyway!

    However, the sensor bar uses infrared which I think means that your remote has to be within line of sight of it. When I did try jogging I did put the remote in a pocket and I think that works, but I'm not sure that a wall or a window is likely to allow infrared to pass through. Someone more scientific than me can probably tell you in a better way, though!
  5. andyp

    andyp Active Member

    The Wiimotes are wireless (for the accelerometer and buttons) and infra-red to see the sensor bar for delicate pointing.
    see here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wii_Remote

    They have a fair range but not right round the block!
  6. Shy Guy

    Shy Guy New Member

    Well put.
  7. Lauradoll

    Lauradoll Active Member

    Actually........you can go round the block in the "free jog" mode- as long as you keep the controller with you as I discovered earlier! Whoop! It doesn't need to be in range of the sensor in that mode.
  8. Shy Guy

    Shy Guy New Member

    Does it still count the amount of metres gone?
  9. flugelgal

    flugelgal Active Member

    That's pretty cool!
  10. bbg

    bbg Member

    Had my first-ever go on Wii Fit at our daughter's house on Hogmanay.....well chuffed that my "age" according to the machine was 7 years less than my real age, not so chuffed when it told me was "overweight" at 12 stone 3 or thereabouts (I'm 5 foot 8). The jogging is nae bother - sit still, move the controller up and down and so far as the machine is concerned - you're jogging!
  11. llewellynd

    llewellynd Member

    sit still, move the controller up and down and so far as the machine is concerned - you're jogging

    This still allows for the eating of pizza and drinking of wine
  12. Shy Guy

    Shy Guy New Member

    That definately is true!

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