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    I once heard (not sure how true it is!) that oboe's are the hardest instruments to blow out of any - and it was found they had the highest cases of brain damage out of any musician due to the back pressure of trying to blow the reed! Wonder if it does apply to squeezing out high notes.................. Doesn't explain drummers though:tongue:
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    Shedbuilders are used to the high noises because they can hear them without listening to themselves if they can hear the sop over the noise they make, sometimes in the right place!:biggrin:
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    Pah!! That's nothing. You want to hear high notes - here is the master.......and it didn't seem to do his head any harm (perhaps!!)

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    The thing is, you get Screamers and you get Trumpeter's

    Trumpeter's like Maynard Fergusson, Derek Watkins, James Morrison can actually play the damn thing, Screamers only scream super duper high notes. They have put so much effort into playing so high that the rest of the instrument and tenchnique is forgotten about.


    You can't beat Arturo Sandoval - fantastic player with an incredible range!
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    You know what? I have never heard of him!

    Is he like the Joe Alessi of Trrumpet players?

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