Why we shouldn't believe government

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by tubafran, Dec 12, 2005.

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    Call me an old cynic but does anyone else think that regardless of who gets to run the country why are their spins/lies/untruths so obvious? Two examples from separate interviews today with Government Ministers.

    Jack Shaw when asked about "rendition flights" stated "Careful research has been unable to identify any occasion... when we have received a request for permission by the United States for a rendition through the United Kingdom territory or airspace,"

    Now is that preparing to the eventually acknowledgement that this has been happening or not?

    Then we have Patricia Hewitt commenting on the leak of an internal memo which revealed that health officials have been warned to ignore announcements by ministers on extra funding.

    Challenged about it on ITV1's Jonathan Dimbleby programme and again on Today this morning "What that memo refers to is looking at the central Department of Health budget not the NHS budget." - now surely for most people the Department of Health is the NHS - it's where most of the money goes. A further report has been published which suggests that all the additional spending on the NHS some 25 billion has been fritted away and only 1 or 2 billion has actually gone on "front line" treatments.

    Oh and it makes me so mad when they get asked challenging questions and all they can do is spout out the same old spin without answering the question put to them.
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    Surely they should know that "I don't know the answer at this stage" is a valid answer. I'm sure we'd trust them a lot more if they said that, and then vowed to get an answer out within the next day, via t'interweb or suchlike.
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    Blame the 'Sir Humphreys', they are the people who run the country.
    MPs are the puppets
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    I have to say, I've gone right off Billy Connolly since his Ken Bigley joke, but he was dead right about one thing...the desire to become a politician should automatically bar anyone from ever becoming one.

    They can be as stright and upright as they like before being elected to power, once they get there tho, the lure of the ability to skim off the top seems to become all too great. Every last one of em. Or put it this way, the truly honest ones never get enough power to be able to help the rest of us.

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    He even nicked that from Douglas Adams, who states in the Hitch-Hiker's guide to the Galaxy, that it's very obvious that no-one who has a desire to rule should, under any circumstances, be allowed to occupy a position of authority. It's very similar to how the presidential system in america works. He's the public figurehead, and seems to be in control of policy, but in fact his office is one of no real power.

    The only reason Bush has managed to get all his lunatic motions to war through congress is that we have the very unusual situation of an american president, first elected on a minority vote, with a majority in congress. But if it came down to him wanting to push the big red button, he hasn't the authority. On military matters, the cheifs of staff can overrule him.

    Unfortunately I graduated in history and politics, I can categorically state there never has been a 'good old days' when politicians were honest. Give or take Gladstone (And there were even questions about him) Just about every prime minister we've ever had has been irretreivably corrupted by the power. Even Oliver cromwell, the much vaunted enemy of royal dictatorial power became a mad-eyed dictator himself.

    It's frankly insulting to think people won't go looking for the truth under the spin, and then complain when they find it. But what is even more insulting is the way a minister no longer feels h/she has to resign whn caught with a hand in the cookie jar. And even when they do, three months later, they're back in a cabinet post! It's sickening.