Why the dislike of carrolling and xmas music

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  1. Par10

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    We are coming up to a time of year that Brass Banders seem to hate, Christmas.

    All I seem to hear are moans and groans about Carrolling and playing Christmas music, yet traditionally Brass Bands collect enough money from the people who like to hear carols to fund most of the band activities for the coming year.

    I hear the comments about same old music year in and year out, but I could say the same about some of the music we play in the parks and other concerts every year.

    So why the gripes???
  2. Getzonica

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    I have to say....I'm actually quite looking forward to carrolling....
  3. Par10

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    That is good to hear because it is the one time of year I look forward to the most.
  4. StellaJohnson

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    I like chrsitmas to, especially our concerts we do which are really good gigs to do. The actual carroling with small groups I don't get involved in becasue I work away from the area. My only gripe is how busy like every other band is around christmas and I don't have alot of free time during the festive period.
  5. Squeaker

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    I really enjoy the christmas CONCERTS. I don't like having all my time taken up with the band at Christmas but as you said, you do it because it funds the band well for the future. I don't mind doing the same type of music each year, because there is some fine christmas music out there. At christmas concerts the atmosphere is usually fantastic, and that why I think some people don't like the carolling, it's not a concert and you don't get the buzz of an audience, you know you're doing it purely to earn money. I don't like the carolling if I'm honest, because I wouldn't enjoy sitting and playing hymns for a full concert and lets face it, that's essentially what carols are, fancy hymns! Plus lets not forget, bands are enjoyed by a minority of the public, the majority think of bands as quite sad, therefore you know thet you're sat their annoying a lot of people who just want to shop in peace and wouldn't dream of going to hear a brass band in their spare time.
    That's my view on it all anyway, but I am looking forward to Christmas! : )
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  6. DMBabe

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    I love doing christmas gigs near christmas, but I do object to said gigs getting earlier each year! This year my band did a charity "launch of christmas" gig at the beginning of October!! :eek: Was so glad to be working for that one...........
  7. Leyfy

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    I don't mind Christmas carols ...... I did mind Christmas caroling with one band in October, to which many shoppers were heard to be muttering 'Its *October*' in a shocked/bemused voices as they walked past!

    I joined a brass band in November for the first time, and was thrown straight in at the deep end with all the Christmas stuff, so it holds some happy memories for me - thanks Lofthouse :)
  8. gcbtrom

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    I'm 50/50. Whilst I like Christmas music as it's a change from the stuff we play constantly throughout the year, I do turn into a light scrooge for Christmas itself. Mainly because it's the busiest time of the year, there's too much hype for XChristmas in general and as DMBabe said, it gets earlier and earlier every year!

    I used to work in a recording studio making worldwide radio adverts and I recall having to produce a Christmas commercial in May!!

    So, I like the Christmas musical happenings, but not so much Christmas itself... Lukcily we got some new Christmas music this year so may not have to play Mistletoe and Wine for the 5th year running!
  9. Independent Silver Band

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    I wish we had such a tradition. We do have Christmas programs et.al. but little in the way of instrumenal playing.
  10. KMJ Recordings

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    Yep...I get the delights more or less all year round...sooner or later the novelty wears off ;)
  11. ploughboy

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    I enjoy sitting/standing and playing, taking time to think about and work on the basics. playing a verse in two/one breath. tuning alternate valves combinations. enjoying the quite practice.

    I find at Emley we work most efficiently as a team over christmas, sharing versus out between ourselves in sections and thinking as a team, something most bands use in test pieces but not always in the concert season.

    Personally I love Christmas I can't wait.

    Ho Ho Ho!
  12. trumpetmike

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    No Christmas music before December would make Christmas concerts/carolling a lot more bearable.
    One of the biggest annoyances I have as a teacher is that students are wanting to go through Christmas music from almost the beginning of term so that they can play in the school Christmas concert. If schools (or bands for that matter) want to rehearse for 3 months, they can do it without me.

    I have a strong objection to Christmas stuff being in shops in October (so seeing the first cards in a local one at the beginning of September was ridiculous), the music should never be heard until nearer the time.

    If a band needs more than a month to get a Christmas programme up and running then they should probably be playing easier music.
  13. Independent Silver Band

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    I could not agree more wholeheartedly.
  14. 4thmandown

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    It's the one time of year when the general (tone deaf, philistine) public actually like to hear a brass band, even though the majority:

    a) Don't know the carols we're playing, or
    b) If they do, they only know the first line (much like the snotty-nosed carol "singers" that turn up on the doorstep)

    At least they get some of the true message of Christmas into what has increasingly become "Crimbo" (How I hate that term)

    We at Shirley work hard over Christmas, and though the carolling is hard slog, we have a few laughs whilst doing it - usually in disbelief as to why someone would want 5lb of sprouts (wouldn't like to be in their house on boxing day!). The concerts always have a good atmosphere, even if it's the same old music.

    It does bring the band closer together, I find. Or is it a case of 'adversity makes for strange bedfellows'?

    I used to enjoy turning out with Earby Band on Christmas Morning in years gone by, even when I ,like many others, had moved away. Many of the villagers turned out with wine, whisky, sherry etc to greet us, but sadly that tradition died out some while back.
  15. Kjata

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    Hmmm let's think....

    Freezing weather
    crummy music
    hours of pain

    you get the picture!!
  16. BariPower

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    Big fan of christmas music!
  17. Aussie Tuba

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    "Crimbo" Agree There Thats as Bad as Xmas one of my pet hates.
    But I do enjoy carolling. Time to bring out the Sousaphone.
  18. Despot

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    Me too! :)
  19. Torbay Brass Band are one of those bands that start carolling in October. We used to hold the unofficial world record for carol playing when we started in September and finished in March. Only part of that was on the streets, the rest was in hotels for their turkey and tinsel breaks. We now only play from October - December and whilst it can take the gloss off the real Christmas period it is a great help for the band finances. More importantly as previously stated it is one of the times in the year when the public do like to hear carols played by a brass band. An opportunity to introduce people to brass bands. We always encourage people when they go home to find out their nearest brass band and go and suppor them at concerts.
    One important point this year, it is possible many band collections will be down as people watch the pennies, and it could be some might not be even looking forward to Christmas. So wherever we play in 2009 perhaps we could go out purely to bring some cheer to people who hear us.
  20. scotchgirl

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    I love Christmas...my favourite gig of the year is the one we do every year at a church in our area...the concert lasts about an hour, and is pretty much the same every year, but everyone brings their families, there are loads of kids, brilliant atmosphere and the audience all join in with the carols (especially Good King Wenceslas)...its the start of Christmas for me, I love it!

    As for Carolling...we tend to do our's in shifts, so that everybody has a chance to go off and do some shopping if they need to at some point in the days...no-one has to stop all day....