Why Santa Is Not A Woman

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    There is absolutely NO way Santa is female.

    Here's why:

    First, Christmas would be late every year.
    The line at the department store would never move because Santa would feel the need to 'bond' with every kid that sat on her lap.
    The elves would never get any toys made because they'd be too busy telling her, "No Santa, those red pants do not make your butt look fat."
    Also, Christmas comes at the end of the month but I have never heard the REAL Santa complain about cramps or feeling all bloaty.

    What woman would be even caught dead in a chimney? Gosh, she might break a nail in there. And what about Santa's beard? I'm sure you'll agree that most women look significantly better without facial hair (unless they're total schnauzers).

    If Santa was female, she sure wouldn't have white hair. She'd be down at the North Pole Super-X every other day buying a gallon of 'Clairol Brunette # whatever'. Plus, women don't smoke pipes.
    Also, the sleigh and the reindeer are not equipped with an automatic transmission, a cell phone or vanity mirrors.
    Not to mention, I don't think Mrs. Claus is a lesbian.
    I also find it hard to believe that a female Santa could whip a reindeer's ass to get it moving. It's a widely-known fact that coochie-coochie talk doesn't work with reindeer.

    A female Santa would only bring junk like 'Easy Bake' ovens, Baby 'Puke 'n Crap', and worst of all - CLOTHES - to all the little boys in the world because those items aren't as threatening as the really cool toys like 'Johnny Thermo-nuclear Warhead' or 'Rock-em Sock-em Robots' or 'Creepy Crawlers'. And when you leave a plate of cookies out on the kitchen table on Christmas Eve, Santa judiciously takes a bite from each one to prove he was there. If Santa was a woman, the whole damn box of Snackwells would be devoured and there'd be a sea of empty Ben & Jerry's containers all over the kitchen floor. As far as that red velvet suit is concerned, Mrs Claus withheld sex until Santa agreed to wear it.

    And if all that doesn't prove without a doubt that Santa is a guy, consider this verse from the poem: T'was The Night Before Christmas:

    "He spoke not a word but went straight to his work..."

    If Santa was female, that line would have read:

    "She wouldn't shut up, so Christmas was postponed indefinitely..."