Why isn't there a Central location for the Welsh National Regional Championship?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by skiosbod, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. skiosbod

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    It's been noticed that a lot of North and Mid Wales Bands are not attending the Welsh Championship at Swansea this year as they haven't got the funds to attend. With the cost of fuel ever rising and the cost of putting a whole Band in an expensive Seaside location like Swansea wouldn't it make more sense to locate the event at a central Welsh location such as Newtown or Llanidloes?
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  3. skiosbod

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    Thanks. I hadn't looked at previous threads but it doesn't seem fair that only a small potential of Welsh Bands will be representing Wales at the National Championship when a good North/Mid Wales Band has lost out on the opportunity.
  4. MoominDave

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    Are North Wales bands permitted to enter the North West area contest? They all used to play there in the 70s and 80s.
  5. Bass Trumpet

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    Wrexham might be a nice place to have it :D
  6. Captain Cymru

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    This Subject again?? Really??? I have heard next years Area is in Llandudno @ Venue Cymru, but that just maybe a rumor. Lets see how many bands enter then!!!
  7. BikeBadger

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    Does anyone know whether there will be proper warm-up facilities at The Brangwyn Hall this year? Last year's lack of provision was a disgrace!!
  8. Thirteen Ball

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    We had a similar debate a couple of years back when someone proposed dragging the yorkshire area off to sheffield because they were from there and were sick of travelling up to bradford.

    My position has always been that an area championship should be located either:
    a) as central to the geographical region it represents as possible,
    b) rotated every year so that whatever bands lose on the swings they win on the roundabouts.

    Either one of those seems logical to me - hence why Sheffield didn't make much sense as a permanent venue when discussing Yorkshire, because you'd have more bands travelling more distance to get there than you do at present. Arguably somewhere around Wakefield makes most sense as it's practically bang in the middle of the region, and is not far off the M1 or M62 - though I'm not sure wakefild has a suitable venue - so Leeds or Bradford is probably ideal.

    For Wales, I guess part the problem is the lack of motorway links. Alright, some good A-roads but no real motorways. As Dave says, it's probably easier for the North welsh bands to get to Blackpool than it is for them to get to Cardiff.....

    If it has to be the whole of the geo-political area of wales, then I suppose you're looking for somewhere near a line between Aberystwyth and Knighton aren't you? Does anywhere moderately central have an appropriate venue?
  9. Will the Sec

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    Having plied the A470 from Betws y Coed to Llyswen many a time I would have to disagree with that. There may be nice A roads elsewhere in Wales, but not on the only viable route from North to South for Swansea.
  10. skiosbod

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    True. I've just travelled from Newport to Holyhead via the M4/A470/A489 route in just over 4 hours but again, Llandudno is a Seaside resort which would be expensive for Bands to find accommodation nearby. Along with Pontins, Prestatyn and Butlins, Skegness do the Organisers think a good breath of Sea air improves the sound of a Band?
  11. nickjones

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    Dont think its a rumour about llandudno as area venue
  12. Captain Cymru

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    Personally I would welcome the change, I really like Llandudno and Venue Cymru looks great!!
  13. ilovespheres

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    Personally I would like to rotate every year, although the price of some of these venues may vary and some of them might be just a little bit too expensive to host the regionals. Scotland does it. Or I've been thinking, what about bringing the Europeans back to Wales? My ideas would be - Cardiff - The Millennium Centre/St David's Hall, Swansea - Brangwyn Hall, Newport - The Riverfront Theatre, Aberystwyth - Art Centre, Bangor - The new 'Pontio' project, Llandudno - Venue Cymru, Wrexham - Stiwt Theatre or the William Aston Hall. The only problems with some of these venues is hotels.
  14. dyl

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    Not going to happen. Delegates were invited up to see the venue late last year apparently. So much positive vibes while they were there (could have had something to do with the free food etc.), but it came to nothing. We're stuck with Swansea. And will be, as long as the Welsh Regional Committee is so heavily-weighted/biased againt North Wales.
  15. BikeBadger

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    Don't know about that - there seems to be at least one politically influenced selection for the Nationals every year.
  16. jezza23361

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    I can remember the cross country run to Aberystwyth in 1997 I think - lots of caravans and sheep mainly.

  17. tkhbss

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    That would be Wales, then
  18. Shanetrog

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    This may be a little controversial but how's about shrewsbury or the show ground at oswestry. I'm sure there will be plenty of big enough venues at either. But if it has to be Wales, then surely Newtown is geographically centrallish to most bands.

    But let's face it, wherever it's held, your not going to be able to please everybody. There will always be a band/person who finds it to far/too expensive/not glamorous enough. I live by Llandudno and ots not going to be easy for the south Wales contingency to attend there as it is for the north welsh to get south. As its been mentioned, the road links in Wales are pretty poor due to geography over everything else. And I've played in three north welsh bands, so I know how it feels to have to travel.
  19. yogi1000

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    The only place that would be large enough to accommodate a brass band contest would be Theatre Severn in Shrewsbury. The acoustic is less than favourable (putting it mildly), backstage facilities wouldn't be able to cope unless hiring out the entire complex which is incredibly expensive for the whole weekend and transport links are pretty awful, especially on a weekend. That, combined with nowhere near enough rehearsal venues and hotels in and around the town for the amount of bands that would be here over the weekend would mean Shrewsbury would make a less the ideal venue.

    But, taking the Welsh area contest outside of Wales kind of defeats the object. It should be run in Wales at the very least.
  20. Shanetrog

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    Hey, just a suggestion. But everything you've just stated there is exactly the same at Llandudno!

    However, I do agree with the keeping the welsh sectional in Wales, but I don't think this argument is ever going to satisfy all. With the lack of decent venues, transport links and accommodation numbers ie hotels, b and bs etc.