Why did the turkey cross the road?

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  1. UncleStreaky

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    Wild Turkey in Sour Cream

    Wild Turkey Pieces for six
    Salt and pepper
    1 pint sour cream
    1 onion
    1 box sliced mushrooms
    1 chopped green or red bell pepper

    Clean and wash Wild Turkey; cut enough meat for six into 1" square pieces into quarters and marinate in buttermilk with added meat tenderizer. Wash off buttermilk and wipe thoroughly. Next dip in flour and brown gently in butter in a frying pan. Deglaze pan with a small amount of water. Place this with Wild Turkey in a cooking pot and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Put enough sour cream in pan to make its depth 1 inch and add 1/8 lb. of butter for each bird. Cover and bake at 350 degrees F. for 3/4 hrs. or until bird are tender. Add milk to sour cream as needed to maintain consistency.

    Saute the onion, the chopped pepper and in olive oil. Add to sour cream and cover birds before serving. Serve Wild Turkey with accouterment of sauted mushrooms mixed with onion.

    Gobble gobble gobble!


    Hmmmm Bootiful...
  2. TheMusicMan

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    Hmmm... are you after Big Twigge's "Queen of Random" title here... ;);)

  3. ScrapingtheBottom

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    And where does a city boy like me purchase wild turkey from, or should I just use normal turkey and take it for a night out beforehand?
  4. Chunky

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    I think there may be several 'wild' turkeys in Norfolk at the moment!!!!
  5. UncleStreaky

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    Tee hee!


    :mad: :eek: :oops: :ranting2: :hammer :pig
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    and there was me thinking that we were to be having a discussion on the pro's and con's of certain bourbons :(
  7. lynchie

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    I'm in a bit of a dilemma.... Is Wild Turkey the same as Roadkill Turkey?
  8. Naomi McFadyen

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    hehe... the recepy (sp!!!?!) sounds great until you view the picture at the bottom which kinda puts me off .............. (I guess that could be the point though eh? ;-))
  9. ScrapingtheBottom

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    Depends how hard you hit it.
  10. ian perks

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    Hang on team if you want Turkey look no further than myself your very own tMP RESIDENT CATERING BUTCHER.;)

    But you will have to come and get your own:biggrin:
  11. UncleStreaky

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    Are you taking orders for Christmas?