Why did grimethorpe change principal

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by kiwiinoz, Oct 2, 2015.

  1. kiwiinoz

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    Can someone shine a light on why they changed the principal cornet shortly after returning from Australia? He sounded great when I went to hear them in Brisbane. I think their band from 4 yrs earlier was better than the latest IMHO. Any other people agree based on the concerts here in Australia. ?
  2. stevetrom

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    The guy they brought in is decent
  3. kiwiinoz

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    I realise that but seemed harsh. No friends in that level of banding. Why do people do it !
  4. GordonH

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    bands change players when they believe they have more chance of winning with the new player....
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  5. halsasaurus

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    From what I saw and heard, it was a very hard headed decision. It left me feeling cold and did not fit well with my love of such a great movement with so much social history. I still see Brass Banding as a totally amateur pastime or hobby, that many people dedicate their lives to. We all compete against each other at every level, and rivalry is fierce, but to see something like this happening, unless there is an underlying reason that we do not know about, is just sickening
  6. pedaller

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    Sorry halsasaurus, but the decision was probably a foregone conclusion as soon as Bob Childs moved to Grimethorpe. Why ? Well, I know that Bob and Roger were together as players at Brighouse, and , during my audition there, I saw how well they worked together. Also, having played with Iain Culross, and rating him very highly as a player, he does not have the experience, ability and kudos of Roger Webster. Thirdly, Roger previously occupied the top chair at Grimethorpe, and is well-regarded by all the players there. Bob Childs is highly experienced and motivated, and is the sole reason, in my opinion, that Cory are ranked World No.1 band, and have been for the last umpteen years. I believe that Bob knows how to create a winning combination, and is making a start in moulding the band to his own style. Leaving aside the result at the National, he hasn't made such a bad start, has he ?
  7. fatcontroler

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    Ian is a fine player more than able to lead the line at grimethorpe, but there are a few stand out players with guile and experience that can improve a band. Roger is one of those!

    I'm sure Ian will bewith a few moreyears experience too
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  8. Accidental

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    I think its safe to assume that with any events in any band, there will always be any number of reasons 'we' outside of the band don't know about, and several sides to the story not just the one being talked about on social media. And if we don't know the full story, then who are we to judge?

    Imho its up to each band to conduct their affairs how they see fit, and nobody else's business
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    We need that RedOctober geezer, he'd get to the bottom of it
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    [We need that RedOctober geezer, he'd get to the bottom of it]

    Oh no! Anything but that, please!!!!
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    Bring him back. Like him or loathe him, this place is greyer for his lack of contribution.
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