Why are Black Dyke allowed to jump the Whit Friday queue's

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    Last night at Denshaw bands where waiting there turn to play in order of registration, Black Dyke turned up after our band had registered and where allowed to jump 2 bands in front, What happened to fair play, waiting your turn in true bandsman spirit? this gave Dyke a 20 minute advantage to get to the next venue. Why have rules?
  2. yoda

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    seem like the "top bands" do this year after year.

    ITS WRONG !!!

    must say tho that its doesn't happen at every venue.
  3. James Yelland

    James Yelland Active Member

    This is not the first time this matter has arisen. Last year (or was it the year before?) there were a number of letters published in the 4 Bars Rest comments column in which the writers named at least two bands (as I recall) who they thought had been 'saving time' in this way. I didn't know whether it was true or not, but I did think that the bands concerned ought at the very least to have been offered the right of reply, and contacted the editor to say so. I was told that 4BR had indeed approached the bands for a response to the allegations but that they had not wished to make any comment - although that latter fact was not published on the website, which in my opinion was a bit naughty from the 'fair play' perspective.

    So - you can draw your own conclusions!

    (By the way, the word you want is 'queue', not 'cue'.) (edit: sorted - RT)
  4. BariPower

    BariPower Member

    A bit of underhandedness?
    Dosent surprise me.Its a shame but I doubt anything will be done about it!
  5. flug_gal

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    It happens every year, it's no coincidence that the last few bands at certain, very popular venues, are the biggies, and no matter what time they arrive in comparision to other bands they get to play.
    I refrain from naming venues/bands, but we all know exactly where (and there is one in particular which I have in mind) and who (more than one), I'm talking about.
    I think it's hugely out of order, and although I get they're busy folk, we all should be treated equally.
    I imagine there's a bit of "Do you know who we are?" going on.
    One way around it I think is that there should be a big board at each of the the registration points (black/white board maybe?) to which the bands names should be added, IN ORDER, with an approx waiting time?
    It'd make things a little more transparent, and doesn't seem too hard to put into practice?
  6. Hove Edge

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    I can confirm this!
    We passed the Dyke bus leaving Denhaw heading for Delph at 10.15

    When we got to Denshaw Dyke were listed in the draw before us and should have been on the stand

    Brighouse waited it turn so this meant Dyke had jumped in two bands before they should.

    They must have gone on to Delph and signed in after the "official" time of 10.00. they cant have signed in before because we passed them at 10.15 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Come on you Queensbury gang play by the rules for a change.
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  7. Al

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    I can kinda see two sides to this.

    If I was one of the village organisers and could provide Black Dyke the opportunity to march down our village main street as opposed to a.n.other band I know what i would do. Probably.

    A case of "do you know who I am/we are"? Yes it probably is.

    And to be honest, apart from a bit of a grumble I am sure our band would be happy enough to allow such as Black Dyke to queue jump, if the organisers asked us to do so.
  8. flug_gal

    flug_gal Member

    If they asked, I'm sure many bands would be happy to. The fact people aren't given the chance to refuse makes it downright rude, especially when you consider that due to the money up for grabs in the champ section and the fact that Dyke win a fair share of that (no grumbles there :) ) means that they walk away with a fair amount of cash in their pockets from the whits. Whereas for many other bands, they end up out of pocket and do it for the love of the night, add to this being 'bumped,' well it doesn't say much for the respect going at the grass-roots levels.
  9. as i already posted,this a joke of our own making treating it as a giggle, and a carnival, what has happened to morals?and standards. if we can't treat it right how can the public respect what we do?
  10. Thirteen Ball

    Thirteen Ball Active Member

    Funny thing is, Simon, Black Dyke were ALREADY REGISTERED as being AT Delph and ready to play, before you even guys marched off there as well. I was playing on the road for Hepworth who were queued up behind you at Delph, and the sign with their name on and their number was already waiting at delph before you'd even marched off... yet we too passed them on the road as we followed you up to Denshaw.

    I'm not suggesting Delph let them skip the queue, but they clearly weren't actually there when they registered, and it may be that the organisers had been hoodwinked.

    No-one is doubting their quality or their undoubted ability to win contests. But how they go about making sure they get in at contests appears questionable at times.
  11. defnotsimon

    defnotsimon Member

    As far as I am concerned it is downright wrong. I will say that I am in one of the band who vie for the title and that there was no skulduggery on our behalf. We even sat at Uppermill for 2 hours!

    As far as bands letting Dyke jump the queue what is the point of waiting there to have another band, and remember that is what they are just another band not a bunch of superheros, get in before you? I just dont see the point in waiting around just to let someone play before you.
  12. James Yelland

    James Yelland Active Member

    So we're all agreed then. The rules apply to all except a privileged few. Which reminds me, I must check the Telegraph to see if my MP's expenses have been published yet.........
  13. Thirteen Ball

    Thirteen Ball Active Member

    The thing is, this is about the fourth year in a row we have all come on here and swapped stories of the same old thing happening every year. And it's only ever one band that does it. Last year, Brighouse followed on a junior band at Denshaw, and patiently waited their turn like everyone else. We saw Rothwell at lees, again patiently waiting in line, and Hepworth, I can vouch for, took their turn everywhere they went. I must confess there was an enquiry as to whether the the street march was compulsory at lydgate because it was properly bucketing down, but they said it was, so we did it without any complaints.

    Let us consider practicalities. What's to be done about it?

    1) We all stop going. Not a practical solution because there are always bands waiting in to fill the void, and when one considers the prize money on offer at whit friday, there will never be a lack of takers.

    2) The offending band is banned from the proceedings. Again this is not a practical solution, because they are one of the biggest names, and whit friday is undoubtedly the biggest banding day of the year. The organisers would not be likely to support simply forbidding them from coming. Plus an outright ban is no more fair than some of the practices we have discussed. The very essence of whit friday is that ANY band can enter - so prohibiting a band from competing is completely outside the spirit of the occasion.

    So that leaves us with two solutions.

    3) The organisers actually stick to the rules that a band cannot register until they are actually all present and correct - and should only be allowed to play in their allotted place in the queue.


    4) The band in question take it upon themselves to actually compete in compliance with both the letter and the spirit of the rules.

    Why neither option 3 or 4 appears possible at present, I can only speculate at.
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  14. Because black dyke are band royalty........simple really everybody wants them in there village and will do anything to have them there and while i dont agree with it, you cant deny there reults........i would have liked to have them in my village too.......apart from the fact its in north wales!!
  15. towse1972

    towse1972 Active Member

    Well, what a pile of steaming brown stuff! Brass Band royalty? Get a life....Everyone should abide by the rules that are laid down....everyone!


    So, just to confirm what I already knew people....Whit Friday was ****...King Battye has spoken !
  17. hmmm get a life eh? nothing wrong with the one i have thanks, however you obviously dont understand the concept of sarcasm.......
  18. daft lad

    daft lad New Member

    Ahem.... Denshaw was already planned to be our (Newstead) last contest of the evening. We were formed up ready to march down to the stand when Black Dyke arrived. Dyke's musical director came over to us and asked politely and very respectfully if we would mind doing him and the band a huge favour and allowing them to play in front of us. He also said that obviously the rules are that we all play in order of registration but would we please do them a favour.

    I for one had no problem at all with that and as far as I know neither did the rest of the band and we stood down willingly. It was a pleasure to listen to Dyke, both on the road march and on the stand. If we had played before them we would not have had the chance to hear them all evening.
  19. manx_yessir

    manx_yessir Member

    I have to say, we were behind Black Dyke at Diggle and another venue (was either Lees or Grotton, just can't recall which one!) and we saw no evidence of queue jumping. Although at Diggle they marched off as soon as the band in front of them had finished marching in stead of waiting for them to finish on the stand and as a result, we had to stand formed up waiting to march off in the p*ss*ing rain for ages!. At the 2nd venue (Lees or Grotton) they were waiting in front of us for I'd reckon about 40-45 minutes.


    Well said...and what about all the poor little kids in bands who had to wait another half an hour in freezing rain just because the elite were allowed to jump the queue.So much for teaching the youngsters banding and fair play !I t s **** and they should be ashamed of themselves.

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