Whose done music at Salford

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    I'm interested to find out whose all been to Salford and if their current job is Music related. I'll start off in that I was on the BA course in 1988 for 7 months until I left through homesickness, (I believe I was the 1st Scottish Brass player on the course, may be wrong), fellow people on the course that I can remember where Rob Westacott, Andrew Snell, Yvonne Coulter, Phillip Vause and William Evans (none of whom will remember me in the slightest). Eventually did ALCM and LLCM music at Napier but now work as a Financial Business Analyst with Sky Television and play on and off for Newtongrange. I hated Salford as a place but remember the people on the course being friendly bunch.

    John Keenan
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    Sorry JK-off topic but liked Salford Sinfonietta(played it last year and was a nice test piece)
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    I was at Salford 1985/86 for about four months doing the Graduate Diploma in Band Musicianship. I also became homesick! It was a three year BA degree course, but they were investigating turning into a four year BA (Hons) course at the time. Roy Newsome taught arranging and conducting, Goff Richards took the Big Band and Gordon Higginbottom conducted the 'B' band. David King was my cornet teacher. I remember Leon Renilson was principal cornet of the 'A' Band. I think the Head of the Music Department at the time was called Keith Wilkinson.

    My current job isn't music related though - I'm doing accounts!
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    Spooky you should mention Keith Wilkinson, he now stays in the States but will be conducting me with Newtongrange at the Scottish regionals next week, I didn't realise he taught at Salford, Ill need to ask him about it. I was taught Euph by Nick Childs who I didn't get on with and him me, bit of a personality clash but can rember playing under David King in the Wind Band and he was totally brilliant, doesn't surprise me of the success he has subsequently had since 1988 as he was a real motivator and very approachable.

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    Is this the same Keith Wilkinson that's taking Newtongrange JK or should I say Dr Wilkinson.He has a great reputation as an MD.
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    Taking it for granted it's the same person, the one I'm referring too was MD at William Davis and conducted Newtongrange in Scotland, conducted Newtongrange when they won the Scottish in 1991 playing 'Journey into Freedom'. I joined Newtongrange straight after that contest and played under him at Newtongrange for a few years until he left to go to the U.S

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    sorry again JK-I was writing my post at the same time so never seen your post--will I ever learn :oops:
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    Yes - you've jogged my memory - he was a Dr.

    He was a brilliant cornet teacher, extremely patient! I can clearly remember the look on his face standing in front of me bouncing up and down on the balls of his feet telling me to play whilst saying 'day yay yay yay yay yay yay' (he was teaching me how to play vibrato at the time) :lol:

    It was the same for me. The course itself was really enjoyable (although they gave us too much homework!) and the people were very friendly and helpful. The meat and potato pie, chips and gravy in the canteen was scrummy! It was feeling isolated in Salford in the evenings that caused me to give up :(
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    Salli Wrote

    It was the same for me. The course itself was really enjoyable (although they gave us too much homework!) and the people were very friendly and helpful. The meat and potato pie, chips and gravy in the canteen was scrummy! It was feeling isolated in Salford in the evenings that caused me to give up


    Ditto me, just couldn't get used to the environment and I mean no disrespect to those who live there, I ended up travelling home to Scotland every weekend which just made it worse. Half of me wishes I'd stuck at it but ce la vie, it was an experience.

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    didnt you ever venture outside salford then? :eek: its a small place!
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    I left bonnie Scotland to go to Salford at the tender age of 17 and graduated in the year 2000. 1st 2 years were class but I couldn't wait for the last 2 to finish!! Now head of music in a secondary school near Liverpool, still play in brass bands but have no aspirations to return to Scotland to live!!!
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    You shouldn't give up all of your dreams Laura-if you tried really hard you may get back up to the chosen land :lol:
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    I went to Salford between the years of 1998 - 2001.

    I agree that coming down from a small village in Scotland down to Salford was a big change, and it was difficult to start off with, but the good thing I found is that the music course has a fantastic support staff in Duncan Winfield and Maz Cliff, who really make you feel at home when you're there, help you whenever you were feeling bad, and generally looked out for us. Long live the Concert Management team.

    Great memories of the place tho, such as the "Hairy women" recital evening, McScallys before it became that monstrosity Scu Bar, Some great times with Eccles Band, some great nights out with the BT Band (Clint Millers "Danish bacon" sticks in the memory), Router and Williams Lederhosen act, Jo-jos initiation (Guitar players just can't down a yard of ale with dignity) , and of course........The Black Horse!!

    Long Live Salford
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    Lol yeah right!!! Holidays are fine but I can't cope with more than a week at a time....the lack of things to do in Fife just makes it hard to deal with!!!
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    Whose been to Salford

    I left Aberdeen to move to salford in 1998, at the tender innocent age of 17.
    There i met such interesting characters as Laura B, Borfeo Maz Cliff.. the list is too long to name everyone. I had a fantastic (although difficult) 4 years. Dave King was just becoming a Dr, Peter Graham was the best arranging tutor i had ever had and Mick Wilson wore sandals!
    Now I am on a teacher training course and i just passed my 2nd placement! :lol:
    Good luck to every body with the areas! hope to catch up with loads of people at the scottish!
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    Re: Whose been to Salford

    :lol: LOL!!!
    Now, where do I start....
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    Would you like to start with his "Concerto for Electric Violin and Brass Band" ??

    An Electric violin is truly a bizarre instrument, but coupled with a Brass Band you're onto a real head trip
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    That was Keith Wilson - different person altogether!! :lol:
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    Ask Mick about his water drums some day, assuming they have never made an appearance at Salford....

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    Glad you found us friendly :lol:

    I now work for a bank (also as a Business Analyst!! ) - But am still a student at Salford working towards a MA.
    Will Evans is in the music teaching line.
    Andrew Snell is in New Zealand - ( but soon moving to Oz)
    Philip Vause ?? Do you Mean Mark ? In which case he is in the midlands somewhere conducting (he was a finalist in this years young conductor competition)
    Don't know about Yvonne sorry !

    Salford has changed a huge amount since we were there - There are even books & computers in the Library now :lol:

    Canteen still serves Sausage Buttties though !