Who's the Better Cook

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Men are the better cooks

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  1. Men

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  2. Women

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  1. SuperHorn

    SuperHorn Member

    It's my opinion men are now better cooks than woman.

    My lady tried to cook soup (from a packet) but forgot to add water leaving the cooker on full.

    Who agree's with me??

    Your thoughts please.
  2. fitzy

    fitzy Active Member

    I have to say that I do a vast majority of the cooking at home..........................

    Can't say too much or I'll be in trouble! ;)
  3. Griffin

    Griffin Active Member

    Dont mean to blow my own Soprano, but i'm a very good cook!

    My girl friend had a similar experience with the Soup... She didn't realise that you had to add water to the Campbell's Condensed Soup and wondered why it was all 'thick & gooey'!

    I make a mean Chicken Supreme!
  4. Chunky

    Chunky Active Member

    Has to be Delia!
  5. Big Twigge

    Big Twigge Active Member

    I'd say....if you like what I like, I'm a good cook.

    In general not sure....Mummy Twigge is better than Daddy Twigge,but I don't mind testing all the food if you want to make a competition out of it .......
  6. aimee_euph

    aimee_euph Member

    my experience of boys cooking = blowing up poached eggs in the microwave.

    of course girlies are better cooks, i can cook pasta now :D
  7. Dave Payn

    Dave Payn Active Member

    To elaborate on what Big Twigge said, if it tastes good, I don't care whether the b****y cat cooked it (or indeed, whether the cat's male, female, neutered or otherwise!)
  8. Chunky

    Chunky Active Member

    Would that be off the a la cat menu then?
  9. ScrapingtheBottom

    ScrapingtheBottom Active Member

    Women are better cooks. Men are better chefs.
  10. ian perks

    ian perks Active Member

    Hang on a minute:
    Who needs KEN HOM for Chinese when you have got ME:)
    Plus i do a TOPJOLLY CHILLI CON CARNE not the average stuff you get in PUBS either.:)
    The secret is to make sure all the right ingredients go in and are well mixed to, plus keep on stiring it round about every 20 mins.
    Plus do not use CHEAP FATTY MINCE i use LEAN RUMP STEAK Minced which costs me ZERO as i am a butcher:) .
    But use a good quality mince it makes a big difference.
    If any TMPS want the recipe just ask i will put it up for you all:)
  11. michellegarbutt

    michellegarbutt Supporting Member

    When I moved in with Stan he informed me he was a trained chef, he would do all the cooking and I need never set foot in the kitchen again. Wonderful I thoght. Someone should have told me fairy tales don't come true in real life. For the first 3 days I virtually starved. It turned out with the strange hours he worked he had his first meal 5.30am and his other meal 11.30pm. I of course like most sensible people was asleep at these times. I used to sneak into the kitchen during the day and pinch crisps ect. to keep me going. I then thought sod it and started cooking meals for myself during the day. He then invited my sister and her boyfriend over for a meal. He served us soup which no one could eat except him as it was full of salt and thats all you could taste. We then had an hour wait for the next course as no one told him you switch the veg on before the yorkshire puddings are cooked. He then served us a gateau which was filled with cream that had gone off. I then decided that was enough I was taking over the cooking. After a bit moaning he tasted some of my meals and admitted I was a better cook than he was. He is getting better now after all he's now had 7 years tuition from me but he's still not as good as I am. His excuse for all this when he worked in the hotel kitchens he only had to cook one thing at a time and have it ready for when he was told. He didn't have to cook everything at once. When I asked how he'd survived before I moved in he admitted he only ate cereal for breakfast and his evening meal was always a kebab from the local take away.
  12. Naomi McFadyen

    Naomi McFadyen New Member

    I've voted men because there are mosre male chefs on tv and they cook up some fantastic stuff... plus, I'd rather the man cook than me cooking for him ;-)
  13. Dave Payn

    Dave Payn Active Member

    Ha ha! Indeed, they specialise in anything with 'tom'atos, or 'tabby'atelle pasta!
  14. michellegarbutt

    michellegarbutt Supporting Member

    I used to think like that till I moved in with Stan
  15. Brassb3ll3nd

    Brassb3ll3nd Member

    My wife is a school cook, who went to college for 3 years to get her qualifications, and I beat her hands down. Just ask my kids ............ trouble is I always do every thing the wrong way, apparently. There again she never leaves anything on her plate!!
  16. six pints

    six pints Active Member

    why does it always have to be men vs women? just for a change lets have farmers vs frenchmen!! whose the better cook there!!!

    (btw i voted women)
  17. Fergus

    Fergus Member

    As I see it there's NO contest...women of course !!!
  18. DublinBass

    DublinBass Supporting Member

    I voted for men, because I think women spend to much time trying to make a meal fancy, when a normal quick hearty meal with a pint will do.
  19. Straightmute

    Straightmute Active Member

    I once cooked pizza with the polystyrene base still attached - yum!

  20. Roger Thorne

    Roger Thorne Active Member

    Frenchmen - because they are MEN!