Who's the best dep you've sat next to?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Blagger, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. Blagger

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    Who's the best player who has helped your band out?

    Mine :
    John Clough ( ex dyke solo euph ) when I was at Stalybridge - nervous?? never :)

    Brendan Wheeler - solo euph at Leyland - helped out this summer - so no pressure playing Napoli out for the first time then ....:)
  2. Bones

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    Nick Hudson. I was solo trom at Carlton Main. Nick helped out on "2nd" sight read the pad. My MD told me to look after him. I told Nick his music was in order and not to f*** up. My feeble attempt at humour. He played a blinder and afterwards apologised to me and my Bass Trom. His excuse. He said a few notes didn't speak too well. :)

    For me, he is the daddy of brass band trombonists. If I lived in Somerset, I'd be having lessons, I know I would.

    Postscript to the tale. I ended up depping for a band Nick was temporarily guesting for on solo trom, I'd played 2nd to him that day. The MD asked Nick who he should get in to do solo trom on a permanent basis. Nick mentioned my name. The ultimate compliment in my eyes. Such a great player, and such a nice bloke.

    THe only other compliment I have received is Frank Wolff announcing me as Rick Waller on a YABB trip. I know I've let myself go in my middle age, but please..... Rick Waller..... I'm not quite there, at least I hope not.
  3. ploughboy

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    Mike Howley has helped The Emley out once or twice. At a Christmas Concert 2/3 years ago he even agreed to do "Jeannie with the Light Brown hair", those that know it - Sailed up to the top B at the end and then held it for an age, the cornets all sat there with their jaws on their laps!!

    Also Pennine Drummer Tim Sidwell is a freind of mine, and when he comes round the rest of the band all keeping looking at the back wondering who the hell that is playing!! Mega Double Bass Peddle in something last year? madness, but a brilliant player and always spot on, timing and reading!
  4. BbBill

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    Haha! I think that one will stick for a while Rich!! :biggrin:

    Hope your well mate :tup
  5. mutedropper

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    James Shepherd sat next to me on the Youth Brass Band of Wales, not technically a dep but, to me, having your hero sit next to you is the best!
  6. tinytimp

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    I was asked at the last minute to dep for a band at Pontins last year. They mentioned "oh and the conductor's son is going to be helping us out too" - turned out to be Gavin Pritchard who proceeded to play the entire part like it was a walk in the park! And to add to the occasion it wasn't long after the National finals where he played for the winners Grimethorpe and my band came last...
  7. stevetrom

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    A few years ago we put on a concert with Andy Berryman as guest solosit, our solo trom pulled out of the job 2/3 days before so Andy sat in and played.

    Great player and a great guy.
  8. andyp

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    I remember Peter Roberts helping Marple out at Stroud one year, he drove all the way down from Yorkshire, got stuck in traffic, arrived half way through the afternoon run-through, just as we were doing "Chanson de Matin", apologised for being late, sat down, took his instrument out, and proceeded to play the sop cadenza perfectly, ppp, no warm-up or anything. I just sat there jaw on the floor. Astounding.
  9. David Mann

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    Cut and pasted from my post in "Favourite euph players" thread:

    Trevor Groom. I knew his sound from recordings, then one Christmas concert with Bedford Town our 2nd euph was sick. The MD said, OK, I'll get a dep. Along came Trevor to the final rehearsal. I told him to sit on the end but he refused. Anyway, the 1st Bari was late for the rehearsal, we were playing something really awful like Little Drummer Boy and there was a 1st Bari tune, which Trevor put in. The look on the front row cornets' faces was amazing when this stunning sound started. I would have paid to just hear him play long notes, and he could do all the technical stuff as well.
  10. weenie

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    The gorilla off the Cadbury's Dairy Milk ad........what a player!!
  11. Thirteen Ball

    Thirteen Ball Active Member

    At a traditional boxing day get-together in the greyhound pub - traditionally conducted by Ted Griffiths, I had the chance to sit next to Mike Norton from B&R.

    Obviously he made me sound very thin and pretty shabby. Even after his fifth pint of ale, he was bang in tune, bang on the beat, and rattled the slates on the roof on several occasions. But he gave me loads of pointers and it turned into a kind of free masterclass.

    Toward the end, I dropped an octave at the end of a christmas carol, at pp (I forget which) only to find the room shaking, and the octave lower than that going in soooo quiet, but sounding so huge. Wasn't so much a note as a localised earth tremor.

    Such a great bloke. He even let me play some of the 'one only' parts!
  12. I wonder if any old S.A. members would remember Brindley Boon who sat by me when I was a youngster on bass. I was in awe.
  13. Not so much a dep on a concert, but I sat next to Simon Greswell on United co-op Yorkshire's first cd "A Step Through Time" - now that was awesome! What a player - thanks Simon!

  14. markh

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    I once depped for a band on 2nd euph with David Childs depping on solo euph. They opened with a march starting at fff and my left ear is still recovering!
  15. jim

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    I would same Steve Jones as we often end up depping for bands together he takes care of the kit I do the tunned. Perfict!!!

    On a serouse note having Dai Griffiths ex Dyke/Desford percussionist come in and do some playing when I was at Tredegar and when we both helped Parc & Dare out a few months back was good. Theres so many who I could mention tho.

    Martin Britt soprano what a player who can read anything at sight.
  16. ian perks

    ian perks Active Member

    Once did a joint concert with Jones&Crossland Band (Heart Of England Hyundai)
    We did a few joint items on Solo Baritone for them was Carole Crompton:What a brilliant baritone player one of the best
  17. Thirteen Ball

    Thirteen Ball Active Member

    Ah I wondered where all that aditional bassiness on that recording was coming from.

    You're a corking player Stevo lad, but I knew you weren't THAT loud on your own! ;)

    Kinda wish I'd been in the band for that CD. Would've loved to have had a crack at recording graduation day.

    Still, we did alright as a team on "Futures" didn't we?
  18. Dave Euph

    Dave Euph Member

    Sat next to Mike Kilroy a few times now. It's funny, as he has a similar sound to me and we compliment each other well, but he makes it sound so much better! His ability is incredible, and yet he plays everything with this understated simplicity.
  19. winterman

    winterman Member

    Ah, Mr Norton one of the best and definitely one of the nicest people in the upper echelons! Sat next to him a few times when I was on Eb and felt the ground tremble under my feet whilst he didn't even seem to be breathing, let alone breaking a sweat!

    Last year at the same event I ended up playing third Euph to Morgan Griffiths AND Michael Howley! Now that was an experience!

    Many moons ago I also had the opportunity of sitting next to Derek Kane (back in my S.A. days).. again simply mind blowing!!
  20. deave

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    Are u sure dave?

    Mike Eccles is one of the fastest readers I've sat next to. Martin Britt is also fab, he sight read parts the regular sop player never even tried to play!!