Whos The Best Bass Player

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by tuba1974, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. tuba1974

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    The Bass Section At Hebden Bridge Are Brill, Young talant On EEb, Best in Caldervale, Very Good Player BBb When He Can Be Bortherd to Turn up, :clap:
    Any way mine is Steve Sykes A legend,
  2. BigDave2006

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  3. Vegasbound

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    Patrick Harrild
  4. Bayerd

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    Les Neish
  5. JonP

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    Wilfred Driscoll. (Watch This Space.)
  6. Flugel Boy

    Flugel Boy New Member

    John Fletcher without a doubt
  7. jcowensEb

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    joe cook!!!!

    but also ian coleman (the legend from hebden)!!!!!!!!!!!!!what a true legend!!!!!!and rick cowens when he turns up lol
  8. jcowensEb

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    well for me,all the bass section at hebden are the best in miles around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. toby hobson

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    Depends what your after i suppose........

    Its like saying who's the best boxer....well pound for pound the best boxer in the world today would have to be Floyd Mayweather. But a average heavyweight would knock him clean out with one swipe!!!
    For a player who can do most things extremely well Les Neish would proberbly not be beaten by anyone in a twelve round tuba prize fight. But there are always "specialists" who have one or two strings to there tuba bow. Ive heard some great players who can play fast, high, who never learned bass clef, couldnt play below a bottom G or were fairly impressive for a quarter of a concert or worse still very impressive during the warm up before a concert but not that clever on the down beat. I'm not fond of this modern day fascination with playing ridiculously high on a tuba or worst of all doing that stupid singing thing, but needless to say Les can do those extremely well when its called for. So for me..He's your boy...But I guess im biased as he is my section leader and friend!!!!
  10. critic

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    Well toby les is certainly a fine player ina fine bass section.
  11. Ali

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    Here here. No better section around at the mo in my honest opinion!
  12. Anno Draconis

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    Of the section players I've heard (rather than soloists like Messrs Fletcher, Gourlay, etc), Matthew Routley and Ronnie ("The Lizard") Rees Davies are two of the best. It's been a while, but I'm sure I've heard Ron transpose Euph parts - in the right octave - on an Eb bass, just 'cos the bass part was a bit boring.

    Would certainly agree about the Fodens engine room as well. Awesome...
  13. matt_BBb_bass

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    Worked with both Les Neish and Joe Cook! Got to say there both fantastic bass players! Can't chose! lol
  14. JonP

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    Matt Routley is really something special. Hes a great musician on so many levels and very natural. Too good for Dyke! ;-)
  15. Rob

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    Everyone mentioned on here so far are brilliant players, would be silly to compare these players as they all have great qualities - all good chaps too!

    Other excellent folk I've been lucky enough to play in bands with are Phil Green, Darran West (for me easily one of the best Bbs around) and Jacko (massive noise), but for my taste the best bass player by a country mile I've ever been in band with is Ken Ferguson.

    Of course I'd also say Hove Edge (great on Eb and Bb), but unfortunately every time a baritone solo is on the programme he proclaims 'this is where the concert goes downhill'...... so couldn't include him due to this undeserved hatred of our glorious instrument...:D
  16. MickM

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    So he does occasionally get thing right then :p :biggrin: ;)
  17. Zeek

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    the greatest BBb player has to be Derek Jackson
    Eb - Joe Cook, Les Neish or Steve Sykes - there are so many good ones theses days

    but just for sheer tuba brilliance have to be the late great John Fletcher - find a recording of his Lurcerne Song with the PJBE its fantastic
  18. ronnie_the_lizard

    ronnie_the_lizard Active Member

    Many thank's A-D, but personally, though I'd put Matt as top of the BBists at the moment, of tuba players in general my choice would be:
    3rd place> John Fletcher - outdated recordings now but still historically a legend
    2nd> Jim Gourlay - personal memories of him playing the Gregson Concerto (with EG himself on piano - both playing from my parts on an NYB BW course) may make me biased

    but currently far in the lead of best Tuba in my opinion has to be Oystein Baadsvik - Fnugg blue is just something else (see ), but even some of the classic stuff is absolutely fantastic - I'm sure i'm not the only one here that found the 'Gordon Jacob Tuba Suite' boring as hell when trying them for grade exams etc, but listening to OB's 'Danzas' makes me cry every time I hear it !
  19. ronnie_the_lizard

    ronnie_the_lizard Active Member

    See excerpts on OB's page here.
  20. tojo

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    ronnie and les both outstanding players steve exeptional but mr fletcher has to take it