Who's Cornerstone Brass ?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Col, Jan 5, 2009.

  1. Col

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    Yorkshire Regionals Website lists a new first section band as Cornerstone Brass and their website says "Cornerstone Brass is a new Brass Band in the Yorkshire Area. We have recently been placed into the 1st Section. Our first competition with be the Butlins Mineworkers Open Festival 2009".

    Is this a new Band ?

    A couple of months ago the reliable word was that a 1st/Champs Band in S Yorks was going to follow Sellars and Pennine into history.

    Where has this one arrived from as must be a reasonable level to go straight into 1st Section?
  2. sugarandspice

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    I bellieve, they are a band made up of Salvation Army players who wished to get together and contest as a band. I also here they are rehearsing in Sheffield and Morley alternatively. I'm sure there must be somone on tMP with more info. . .

    But as you've said going straight in at 1st section level they'll attract plenty of folk to listen to them at Butlins! Any new band must be a good thing!
  3. ronnie_the_lizard

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    We do have at least one member of Cornerstone on tMP - Damien \ ISBBBb2 - maybe he'll comment next time he's on.
  4. lowlybaritone

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    Cornerstone Brass are a group of salvation army guys, mainly from around south yorkshire. i know some of them, from when I was at university in sheffield. never heard them play, as i left around when they were forming. they want to enter competitions (salvation army bands don't tend to), and yeah I think they alternate between sheffield and morley for practices. there are about 30 of them, and they're doing the butlin's mineworker's contest. they are also going to be (if they haven't yet) placed in the yorkshire 1st section. like i said i haven't heard them play, but there's some good musicians in there, a few guys from the international staff band and household troops. woth checking out.

    that's about all i know :tongue: hope it helps
  5. PeterBale

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    One of our euphonium players is a member of Cornerstone Brass. As I understand it one of the reasons for starting the band was to give the opportunity for players who could not commit to the two practices a week or more required by many bands. I gather several members are studying in the area, and when they played for their grading to be settled, expecting to be placed in one of the lower sections, they were rather gob-smacked to end up in the first section.

    I wish them well for their debut at Butlins ;)
  6. jingleram

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    I've been playing with cornerstone for a couple for a couple of months now in preperation for our first contest at Butlins in a few weeks. The idea behind the band, as has been stated, is that it is a group of brass players - mostly with S.A. connections - to get together on an ad hoc basis to rehearse, and have a stab at some contesting. Whilst most of the band are either current or ex-army, Cornerstone Brass isn't a Salvation Army band, just a group of like-minded people brought together to do something we all love at another level!

    The band has some top quality players around the stand, and an extremely talented man in the middle, but were still surprised and encouraged to be graded as 1st section standard by the 'men in white coats'. Expecting a low-level entry at around 3rd or 4th section, you can imagine the band's reaction to the good (?!) news, especially on hearing that they speculated over the championship section as a possible 'starting place'!

    We're very much looking forward to our first contest, and we're hoping that our hard practise will pay off and the band's ability will shine through on the day! If you have any questions, I'd love to try and answer on here, or better yet, come and have a chat with any member of the band on the day...we'd love to meet you!
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  7. steve butler

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    Best of luck guys. Nice to see there are no complaints about the level you've been placed in.
  8. DocFox

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    I do not know -- sounds like some good SA players playing working to contest. SA bands, well at least most of them, are VERY good. I think if I was in the first section, I might be looking over my shoulder.

    It is good to see bands "rising up" when bands that have played well and had a long history like Sellers disappeared. Maybe more area SA players may get a good idea in their heads.

    Music is the window into the soul and since many SA player play in other bands, this seems like a great idea to me. If you ever make a CD, let me know.

  9. Chunky

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    No complaints yet Steve! However a win at Butlins might change all that ;)

    Good luck to Cornerstone and any debuting band in these times of dwindling numbers!
  10. ISBBBb2

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    As EEB tuba with cornerstone im thrilled with the interest in our group! We are all very keen to impress at Butlins and look forward to being the "new boys" (and girls). If your on facebook check out cornerstone brass page where you will find a list of players and info about the band.

    See you at Butlins!
  11. ISBBBb2

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  12. Vegasbound

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    How times have changed in the SA, ten years ago you got thrown out for playing with a contesting band........

    they'll be drinking beer next!!
  13. Blossom

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    I notice you are not the only new band on the list for Yorkshire.

    Fourth Section shows Wilsden Band are there for the first time and also Worsbrough are returning after a break.

    Good Luck to all of you. Look forward to hearing you all at St. George's.
  14. Andrewjones

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  15. Anonymous_user

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    At least the 1st sections on a Saturday they won't have to miss the holiness meeting - although some extra strong mints may be required!
  16. ISBBBb2

    ISBBBb2 Member

    Not sure if there is some confusion but as salvationists we dont drink! Unless the mints comment is a swipe at the poor dental hygene of our band!! Shame on you!!! For the record I floss and use listerene daily!! :tongue:

    removing tongue from cheek!
  17. steve butler

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    Tongue in a well turned cheek may I add :tup
  18. jingleram

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    Just to support my fellow bandsman here, I will be brushing my teeth up to as many as three times in preperation for saturday's playing! Top marks for oral hygiene...cornerstone brass!
  19. FlugelD

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    I've never understood this 'good Christian = tee-total' thing - wasn't the first miracle to do with a lack of bevvy at a wedding? ;)

    Anyway, ethanol-fuelled or not, and despite the section they're lumbered with, good luck to Cornerstone and all who sail with her.. :clap:
  20. ISBBBb2

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    thanks for the well wishes FlugelD! the band are really looking forward to it!

    with regards to the tea total thing, its the Salvation Army who dont drink as it goes back to its roots in the days of William Booth and perils of the drink etc etc! And yes your are correct in the bit about the lack of wedding bevvy and water into wine!
    reminds me of a story i heard about Jesus going into a bar and asking for a glass of water and the land lord replying "oh no you dont, you pay for wine prices like everyone else! (possibly not something i heard in sunday school!!)

    (anyone else feel we have strayed somewhat!) :wink:

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