Who's cool (or what's cool) and why?

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  1. still learnin

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    It's been interesting reading various threads recently and seeing how often the word "cool" is used to describe a person, an action or a thing.

    My feeling is that what is cool to one person is totally unimportant to another, for some there's probably no such thing as cool in this context. It may be interesting to see what you think is cool and why, or, who you think is cool and why.

    Looking back ( a long time ago ) to when I was younger and more easily impressed, the people I thought of as cool were those that - appeared to live life to to the full, always testing where the boundaries were (sometimes stepping over them); not afraid of taking risks; nearly always physically attractive; usually quite laid back about their achievements; highly competitive and frequently winners; often trend setters.

    Sadly they often didn't stay in the cool zone for too long as "living life to the full" normally caught up with them.

    Now, several years later, if I think about it, people that I perceive as being cool are those that aren't overly bothered about all of the things that I thought were cool years ago. Having said that some of the most enjoyable/memorable moments in my life happened as a consequence of walking on the wild side as opposed to being totally sensible!

    What about you lot?
  2. Columbo

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    Thats an interesting one. To broaden this thread, I attended a meeting yesterday, where we were briefly asked to try ensure that music and brass playing continued to be 'cool' for the kids we teach. Its a good point and a valid one, I feel in these times of 'Dizzie Rascal' and ' beat boxes' etc! LOL! I certainly don't profess to be cool myself (far from it!), therefore a great deal of thought going into future lessons.

    My point is this, I'm with you....Anyone who can tell me what is 'cool' and 'not cool' would be greatly appreciated! Sensible suggestions only please!
  3. Leyfy

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    I went to see The Streets play in 2005. Dizzie Rascal was the warm up! Ask your average teenager who he was then and I doubt many would have heard of him. Plus whatever was considered 'cool' when I started teaching in 2004 is now considered 'well old'. So my advice is to forget current trends and just get on with it. If a kid wants to learn a brass instrument they will learn it, regardless of what rubbish is currently considered 'cool'.
  4. Columbo

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    Cheers. Lots of the children play guitars and keyboard and there is also a push for percussion. These are considered 'cooler' to play. The teaching is not the hardest part, its the making it 'cool' that we are striving for. Lets be clear, this is not a problem, just an interesting and enjoyable exercise. Personally, I am looking for some Video evidence to show as a way of promoting our instruments. Its easy when you are 'cool' but when you are not........hmmm!
  5. Leyfy

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    Yeh, but IMHO it also depends on the teacher. Guitar is considered cool yeh? We have three guitar teachers at school. One teacher (who will remain nameless!) drops students like they are hot coals. Don't think that is to do with how 'cool' learning the instrument is, but more to do with teacher themselves :)
  6. Leyfy

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    Agree the problem is with uptake in the first place tho....
  7. trumpetmike

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    Play them the opening to Star Wars and then say that it was a trumpet that played it - the trumpet is then considered cool (have used this a number of times and it works the vast majority of the time, especially with boys).
    And (to pacify those who feel that cornet is preferred) then say that Maurice Murphy (who played it) started his life as a cornet player.

    A few of my students have referred to me as "cool" - makes me laugh every time, I am not cool in any way, nor do I have any desire to be cool - still, if that is their opinion, who am I to argue? lol - they will soon change their mind.
  8. JesTperfect!

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    I can't believe you're not 'cool' - look at your avatar!! If that's not 'cool', I don't know what it! :tongue:
  9. still learnin

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    It may not be a problem but it could well be a challenge!

    Why are the students taking up guitar, keyboard and percussion? Is it because they love the sound and possibilities for expression that those instruments offer, or - is it because they want to emulate their idols that have made fortunes and achieved fame by playing them? The answer may be a bit of both but my feeling is that the latter may be the biggest contributor to their decision.

    Can you find a video that shows how attractive, popular and "cool" you are if you play brass? That's the challenge that I mentioned earlier.

    Unfortunately most kids want to emulate pop stars and footballers, not the members of the local town band. I've often thought that a group of talented,enthusiastic and attractive young brass instrumentalists touring schools and showing off could have a tremendous impact! You'd need brass players with the "X" factor if it was to work. If that group could also get into the charts you'd have cracked it!!
  10. numptycornet

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    According to my son:-

    Reading tmp = deeply uncool.

    Screaming out notes only dogs can hear on his sop = cool!
  11. hicks

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    Last Christmas I played in a trombone quartet at a local school. Ok we weren't exactly Mnozil brass, but the kids really seemed to enjoy it.
    I think the key thing is that most kids aren't given the opportunity to play these days. When I was young, the school had its own brass band. None of our local schools can offer that. I even remember the point at which I decided to start playing, after listening to the school band in concert.
    I don't actually see many kids in the audience for most of the brass band concerts I play in.
  12. still learnin

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    You won't find many under 40s at most concerts!
    There'll always be some kids that just fancy giving it a go and there'll be others who play because family members are in bands. Going right back to the first post though.......... (not necessarily anything to do with brass bands).......

    How do you define "cool" these days? Who's cool or what's cool and why?
  13. Independent Silver Band

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    I believe the lack of support of the arts is partially to blame here.
  14. Getzonica

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    I've discovered, being a school girl, that I'm not "cool" becauce I don't really like "cool" music (pop, rock, rap....or whatever it is), I don't normally watch the "cool" films (like the lastest ones), I don't wear "fashionable" clothes from "Jack Wills" or whatever these designer shops are...., oh and I play in a brass band.....and...... the list could go on......:roll:

    I don;t really care much about what is "cool"......as long as I am enjoying my life and I'm happy, I don't care what other "cool" people think. being "different" is fun. :)
  15. Getzonica

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    Whilst that is the case for many young people, it isn't the case for me....but then I'm not "cool"... There aren't really any celebraties that I look up to.... no footballers, no singers....
  16. MoominDave

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    No Marine bandsmen? ;-)
  17. lynchie

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    I think the accepted logic is that, if you find yourself debating the meaning of the word cool, and especially if you put it in quotation marks, you're not cool.

    Punks love trombones, therefore trombones are cool, therefore I'm cool by association. Bass trombones don't cut it.
  18. brassbandmaestro

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    Well I am the proud owner of a York Preference EEb Tuba!!
  19. MoominDave

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    According to my most recent tests, the sound of a bass trombone will indeed merely leave an attractive stippling pattern on a mustard surface.
  20. lynchie

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    Switch to this


    and you can be cool.