Who Won Leamington 2nd Section?

Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by BottyBurp, Dec 1, 2003.

  1. BottyBurp

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    Any takers?
  2. kingthirdcornet

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    I was there

    2nd section was won by Langley Band

    Interesting adjudicator blurd at the end of the contest. Said the winning band made his job easy and was streets ahead of the others. Well directed and well led by the principal cornet (well done Dave)

    He commented on the others as being more difficult to place, and criticised the choice of pieces, balance and tempos.

    Controversially, he said that the first two bands in the 4th section earlier in the day would have held their own in this section.......
  3. TheMusicMan

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    Re: I was there

    ... just out of curiosity, wht is this controversial...? It reads to me by what you wrote that he must have thought they were a good standard, simple as that. Remember, it's just 1 persons opinion.... :D
  4. youngman

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    Does anyone know the full results from the contest ? ? ?
  5. Lotta

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    I only know the 4th section results if that helps:

    1. Rushen Windmilll
    2. Phoenix West Midlands Brass
    3. Coleshill
  6. imthemaddude

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    not bad phoenix :) what did u play?
  7. Lotta

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    We played the Pontins piece - The Seasons simply because, like a lot of bands, we didn't have much rehearsal time. :D

    Rushdon played Lydian Pictures & Coleshill played Divertemiento.... could be wrong on both counts though!! :roll:
  8. Bigchap

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    Who won Leamington 2nd section

    Are Bottyburp and the conductor of Langley Band, Mr Cliff Parker, related?
    Well done to Langley. Another good performance (as was Pontins).
    1st section result was:
    1 Kibworth (Tallis)
    2. Bedworth (Resurgam)
    3. Brackley (Paganini Variations)

    Big Chap
  9. Boneman

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    Championship section was . .

    1 SWT Woodfalls
    2 Welwyn Garden City
    3 City of Oxford
    4 Ratby Coop
    5 Bedford Town
    6 Jackfield
    Kidlington - withdrawn
    Staffordshire - withdrawn

    There was some good playing - however from an organisation point of view it wasn't the best contest I have been to - by the time the Championship section was underway the whole place had shut up shop and gone home (including the bar & refreshments!) We played last and there were almost as many in the band as in the audience, so it lacked a bit of atmosphere.
  10. We played the seasons at pontins we thought it was a slow piece!!!
    Then went to butlins the played another testpiece which i cant remember
    (too much beer) then won!!!!!

    Craig Anderson
    Kirkby Band
    Butlins Mineworkers 2003 4th Section Champions
  11. rach marriott

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    Re: Who won Leamington 2nd section

    hmmm.... evil twin brother behaviour, I dare say!!!!!

    ha ha ha ha :lol:
  12. Phoenixhorn

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    I am completely flattered by the adjudicators comments after the 2nd section results I now like Mr John Roberts and he is now on my christmas card list :D
  13. BottyBurp

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    Re: Who won Leamington 2nd section

    Yes, they are indeed related. I have been ousted as Bottyburp.

    And thankyou for your kind comments - I thought Langley played exceptionally well on stage. I've only been their MD for a few months and have taken them to 3 contests now, and before we go on stage, I remind them that if we win, I will buy the whole band a drink (each, that is :? ). The first 2 contests, my money was safe, but this time, I also promised them a drink AND tonight's (Monday) rehearsal off. Bless them, not only did they clear me out of £70 at the bar but it was obviously just a night off they wanted. I'll remember for future contests.
  14. BottyBurp

    BottyBurp Member

    I too, was very flattered by his comments - mind you, I have to agree with every word he said!! :grnsm

    He's not only on my Christmas Card list, I want to know his birthday!
  15. BottyBurp

    BottyBurp Member

    So has anyone got the full results and points for 2nd Section (Leamington)?
  16. Baldeagle

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    Ermm nope only know that we won the 3rd section and we got bladdered in Wetherspoons! :lol: x9…uiness
  17. picju96

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    We were in Whetherspoons too.

    P.S. came 8th...
  18. davidsait

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