Who will be the winners of each english league 08/09?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by jasdrum, Jul 12, 2008.

  1. jasdrum

    jasdrum New Member

    My Predictions are as follows;

    Premiership: Chelsea
    Championship: Birmingham City
    League One 1: Swindon Town
    League Two: Port Vale
  2. MRSH

    MRSH Supporting Member

    Premiership: Everton
    Championship: Crystal Palace
    League One 1: Leeds United
    League Two: Bradford City

    Oh.......look.......another flying pig ;)
  3. Tubah

    Tubah Member

    Who cares?
  4. themusicalrentboy

    themusicalrentboy Active Member

    Prem: don't care it's just fantasy football for rich people
    Champ: heart says FOREST head says Reading/Brum
    League 1: Leeds
    League 2: Shrewsbury
  5. Masterblaster jnr

    Masterblaster jnr Active Member

    Premiership: Birmingham
    Championship: Leeds United
    League 1: Hull City
    League 2: Accrington Stanley
    Conference: Manchester United

  6. Ipswich trom

    Ipswich trom Member

    Premiership : Arsenal
    Championship : Forest
    Div 1 : Leeds
    Div 2: Port Vale
    Conference : Burton Albion
  7. Chunky

    Chunky Active Member

    Thinking with our heart there Mr B?

    Premiership: Man Utd
    Championship: Anyone apart from Ipswich
    Div 1 Leicester City
    Div 2 Bury
    Conference Wrexham
  8. Ipswich trom

    Ipswich trom Member

    Good start for the East Anglians at the weekend lol. I really hope Man Utd don't win it. They were garbage yesterday against Portsmouth. I'd prefer Liverpool to do it really.
  9. Chunky

    Chunky Active Member

    I would prefer Liverpool to do it too, but can't see that. Can you imagine Ianperks if they did. The amount of smilies he would use could cause the internet to crash!