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How much would you expect to pay for a standard band website to be designed for you?

  1. £30-£99

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  2. £100-£149

    8 vote(s)
  3. £150-£199

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  4. £200-£249

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  5. £250+

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  1. If anyone has been on my website recently they might have noticed that I'm thinking of introducing a new website design service for amateur musicians. This is still in the planning phase, but steady progress is being made and I hope to get it running possibly by the end of May.

    To get an idea of what people's ideas of how much a website would cost I'm doing this little survey and would appreciate it if you'd give your entry in the poll, bearing in mind that a lot of professional design companies start with prices in the region of £500 for a basic website. I'm hoping to get round this by not having the overheads of renting an office, and by having commission based payments for the designers.

    For anyone who's interested already, please visit www.eighthnote.co.uk and fill in the contact form on the second page.


  2. I was kind of hoping for a discussion on this subject but it got moved to a section that noone seems to look at!

    Let me ask a few general market research type questions to get the debate started:

    • How much could you or your band afford to pay for a website if you knew it would promote a good impression of the organisation?
    • Would you rather go to a company or an individual if you were to ask for a website?
    • Would you rather search out your own host, or would you be willing to pay a monthly fee which covered hosting, and any minor updates including player changes, events listings etc. ie would you willing to pay for someone to be your webmaster. If so how much would you want to pay per month?
    • Do you think there is a great need for a service such as this for bands? Do you think that by having a service like this that the standard of appearance of brass bands on the web would improve?
    Please feel free to raise any more issues that you can think of, and leave any appropriate comments. Thanks,

    Eighth Note
  3. Brasstrom

    Brasstrom New Member

    How common is it for a band to pay someone to produce a website for them ?

    I suppose some of the 'wealthy' bands must do that but they must be the exceptions ?

    I thought the majority were produced by a band member with the appropriate skills
  4. Which is why most band sites look very amateur in comparison to other most other websites now on the net. Not all bands have someone with those skills either and whilst the basics are fairly easy to master, its taken me years to get to where I am now with it.
    No doubt a lot of bands don't have the kind of money to be forking out for what a large company would charge (I've seen starting prices of £5000 for a what a basic band site would entail) but what if someone came along who could offer them a website for less than what they'd get paid for a single engagement? Do you think anyone would want that?
    What if there was some kind of award for having the best brass band website with a cash prize? Would bands and their soloists be interested in having better websites then?
    Bands have a massive presence on the net already, but are really shown up by the quality of their sites. Even the top bands don't all have websites that really do them justice.
  5. Craigsav83

    Craigsav83 Active Member

    'Tis a good point. There are many band websites, but the general (stressing the word general...) standard is fairly poor. In all honesty, with the time already taken up with playing, and of course work and family commitments, few bandspersons have thw time to build and maintain a good and up to date website.

    If its competatively priced, and marketed well, I can see this working.

    Personally, if someone made my band a website (or a personal one for that matter...) I would have no problem myself keeping the site up to date - my pet hate is finding websites that are months, even years out of date!
  6. kevthedrummer

    kevthedrummer Member

    i would say around 100-150 as most bands find it hard to find money for music and the essential stuff A website would be at the bottom of the list. it no good having a website if you dont have any music for the band. or you have to play out side becuse your band room money went on the website do you!!
  7. True. A website is probably quite a long way down the list of band essentials, but essential it most definately is. The amount of times our band admin team say to someone 'have a look on the website it'll tell you everything you need to know' is countless. Seems like these days the website is the key marketing tool as far as giving out information is concerned. Maybe the internet could even help to revive banding to some extent?

    Quick question for you though Kev - how come you'd pay over £100 if its at the bottom of the list? You must regard it as quite important then! And how come you're able to offer someone a free website anyway?!! You must be bored millionaire!
  8. Naomi McFadyen

    Naomi McFadyen New Member

    to add my 2p... I'd pay as little as possible ;-) but personally I tend to do my own work anyway so personally, wouldn't pay anything other than the hosting (which I pay very little for)

    Agree with Nick about the band sites needing to look good etc....
    I've seen some awful ones to put it bluntly :biggrin:

  9. kevthedrummer

    kevthedrummer Member

    Good question nick I am thinking about how much the little bit better off bands would pay. And i am verry bored but i am not a millionaire. wich is a shame as i would then do every one a free website. the reson its free is that i am not offering a .co.uk or .com it is just a redirected domain. and i have a lot of webspace so it just aswell go to good use

    Kevthedrummer ;)
  10. The poll is showing some interesting results so far (even though only 10 people have voted). The general trend is to the lower prices but enough people seem to expect to have to pay more than £100. Any thoughts?
  11. sparkling_quavers

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    Having done quite a bit of webdesign myself (and knowing the hours of work that goes into it) I would expect to pay much more than £100 if you want a decent job doing. I agree that many band websites are not particularly good but much of the time this is due to lack of updating rather than the design in the first place. INHO A simple design can be ok, as long as the tacky animations and sunglasses-needing colours are avoided. The other major mistake I see many band sites making their sites more like blogs or personal websites. Like you said earlier Nick, the web is a major advertising avenue for bands. Someone looking for a band to play in, to book for a concert is very likely to look at your website first. The problem lies with the fact that most bands don't have someone with the proper skills even to update a site. INHO the market would be for a site where someone can update without any knowledge of coding i.e something similar to what can be done in content management systems like Mambo.
  12. KMJ Recordings

    KMJ Recordings Supporting Member

    The price you'd pay for 'professional' website designers to do it for you can vary greatly depending on you specification. For example, are you talking about straight frame-based pages, flash sites, custom artwork, file streaming etc etc.

    For the 'home user' most of the initial outlay would come from the software you want to use. For instance, if you wanted a Flash website then you'd be wanting to go down the Macromedia route. The current market rate for Macromedia Studio is £779, Dreamweaver on its own is £339....then there's the learning curve (although admittedly, Dreamweaver's OK but flash can be a pain apparently). If it's custom artwork you may be looking at something like Adobe Illustrator ($400US)....the list goes on.

    For me the most important part of website is the upkeep as has been mentioned above - they've got to be kept up to date and relevant or you lose your returning visitors (if you get any ;) ). Make sure you've got your own access to the FTP server and you can do it yourself - if it's HTML based you can even do it in notepad....
  13. But you do need some kind of artistic ability, which is something money can't buy. Yes it is fairly easy for someone to get hold of some software, learn the basics of getting a website online and then update it. Thats why band websites generally look very unprofessional, which doesn't promote the band in the way they were hoping at all, in fact some bands would be better off without a website!!

    It depends on what type of site you would like I agree, but most bands require the same thing, in fact most band websites tend to have near enough the same list in their navigation bars! What we're looking into is creating a set of standard templates which could be priced appropriately, and are ready for a designer to come along with some graphics and make the site look unique. For example, there might be a basic template of about 5 pages with a news page, personnel, engagements, recordings and contact pages (all of which could be swapped for different page if desired), which could be priced at around £60. All we'd have to do is fill each page with the graphics, text and a unique style. There would be other options, as well as a custom option for those with a bit more money and a desire for something really different.

    How does that sound?
  14. ploughboy

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    There's no voting option for less than 30 quid!

    Your website is very nice Nick. But most bands in the lower section are surely not gonna pay anything if they can help it. The point of a website is to pass on basic information to anyone searching for your band. So a clear simple website is really all thats required. I think the most important thing is reagular updates, and with Microsoft front page who can't manage a few simple pages that they can update as often as they like from they're own front room. Even if you have to rope in a mate with the know-how to start.

    Good luck though, I'm sure there are some tecnophobe's out there that do need the service!
  15. tsawyer

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    http://www.laszlosystems.com/ - Open Source (ie Free) tool that can be used to create Flash content. Runs in Flash player.

    http://www.gimp.org/ - Graphics Editor, hard to use but very powerful. Free and Open Source.

    I've gone off Dreamweaver. It's easy to use, but the sites it produces do not make full use of modern standards. Check out Designing with Web Standards by Jeffrey Zeldman for up to date info on modern web development, using pure (simple) html and css. Have a look at http://www.csszengarden.com for details of what can be achieved using this route.

    Remember, friends don't let friends use Frontpage!!

  16. KMJ Recordings

    KMJ Recordings Supporting Member

    I agree in principle with most of what you've said - particularly the last statement. Not sure what you're implying about Dreamweaver and css? This it drifting a bit OT, though. I guess the bottom line from my POV is whether or not you get someone to design your site for you (although it should really be distinctive - mine is only in it's beta form at the minute so I guess I shouldn't really comment on that :D ) it should be easily editable by you.
  17. Let me get one thing straight - I'm not trying to rip off bands here or make as much money as possible out of them. But neither am I going to offer all my time for nothing which is why I'm trying to establish this business.

    What this is more about is improving the look of brass bands on the internet, so for example that when I search for information on a town or village in the UK and find that town band's website in the top 30 or so relevant links, I don't feel ashamed to part of that movement! You know what I mean...
  18. TheMusicMan

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  19. tsawyer

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    I'm just saying there's a lot more power in CSS than Dreamweaver allows you to make easy use of. Once you start developing sites using css layouts rather than tables, it becomes easier to just edit the code by hand, and Dreamweaver starts to get in the way.

    I'll be quiet now. :)

  20. KMJ Recordings

    KMJ Recordings Supporting Member

    Hopefully I didn't imply you were trying to rip off Bands - I fully support what you're trying to do. Improving the presence of Bands in whatever format is one of the most important things that the movement has to address. My main purpose with my recordings is hopefully to enable some of the less financially well off Bands to be able to record and make their presence known. I probably chose a bad example for my website, as it quotes on 1000 CDs - obviously that number can be variable, although there is a very obvious economy of scale at that run size.

    Good luck with the sites (and next time you're at rehearsal, prod Ms Moore and tell her to find a date for her recording ;) ).