Who starts these rumours?

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  1. So Croydon band are alive and well - GREAT! So who started the rumour that they had folded? We had the same said about us at Torbay at this years areas. Sure the band has had some difficulties but we have completed a busy concert programme and continue to do so. Contests have proved difficult but we made the areas, and will be looking to enter more this year starting at Weston.

    Dare I suggest that perhaps there are those who would tell these stories to try and 'persuade' players to join their band rather than bother with others? Perhaps it is just the wheels of gossip that goes around band circles with no one bothering to ask for the truth?
    Whatever, the good news is that both Croydon and Torbay are alive and well and if you want to know how we are getting on then we at Torbay welcome any brass players as do Croydon - just come and find out for yourself please don't listen to unfounded rumours!
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    Sadly it's often former players who do this kind of thing out of spite - especially if they've left under a cloud. Pretty childish really and proper bandspeople wouldn't stoop so low.
    However people have always gossiped and always will, often without checking the facts for themselves, you just have to take it on the chin and rise above it. If someone would leave for another band because of a rumour they haven't bothered to check out, you have to wonder if they were that committed to you in the first place.
    All the best for your future - time usually tells who is peddling the truth, or not.........
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    Hello guys, I am glad that both bands are riding the storm.

    I am more and more frustrated with the internal politics of brass bands, often to the detriment of the playing/players.
    This is often taken out of the bandroom and the many rumour mongers soon begin their game of 'chinese whispers'.
    That said, so many bands are controlled by a small group of individuals who decide what is good - and not, for the band, often with little consultation or communication with the playing members. ( Normally the 'can't players'/little Hitlers of the band).
    We are just the present custodians of a band, not it's keepers or 'owners' and therefore, decisions should be democratic, involving all members, not just the supposed 'representatives' of said organisation.
    That is why, I presume, that some individuals take the politics out of the bandroom and make life uneasy for those left behind?
    I am not suggesting that this is the case with your bands, simply making the case for the disaffected!

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