Who or what decides which area you compete in?

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    Despite having asked several people over the years I have been involved in banding, I've never really got a definitive answer to this!

    Is it simply that you go to the one that is closest? Are there boundaries drawn and you are told by a central organisation (which one?) which area contest you go to? Do bands on borderlines get a choice which area contest to compete in?

    Does it depend on which local band association you are a member of or can bands simply pick which area contest they go and most simply choose to go to the nearest one (wind bands can pick which 'area' contest/ festival they attend!)? Could a band from (eg) Devon go and compete in (eg) the Scottish areas if they had a mind to (maybe because they had a better chance of doing well!)?

    Going back to the 'boundaries' (if there are any!), who decides them and when were they last revised? Looking at the number of bands competing in different areas, perhaps it's time they were redrawn (e.g. approx 20 bands in NW/ Midlands/ London 4th section and about 10 in the North/ Scotland/ Wales) or some of the big/ well supported areas were made into 2 smaller ones?

    Sorry - too many questions for one post really (especially as it's my first one on TMP!) but if someone can give me some answers (or tell me where to find them), I'd be really grateful!

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    A full list of the areas and their boundaries is available from the Yorkshire Regional website, if you cleck on 'rules'.

    Generally, the areas are split by counties eg. Yorkshire contains bands whose band rooms are located within South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire.

    It just depends on what county your band room is located- although it should be pointed out that the counties of South and West Yorkshire do not exist in terms of a local governing authority. Geographically however they encompass all of the unitary authorities that used to make up South and West Yorkshire. You could also go by local Police authorities in this case, but a full list is available in the ruiles of the National Finals of Great Britain.

    The Midlands area contains the most number of Counties and is the biggest geographically (I think) but obviously bands are spread pretty thin, especially in the south midlands.

    Hope that clears something up!
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    If bands could choose their area you would end up with the easy ones becoming harder and the hard ones becoming easier- a bit like School Catchment Areas- the middle clesses moving to the catchment area of good schools thus the good schools get better and the bad ones get worse!
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    Yes it's done by counties which means some bands only a few miles apart can be going to different areas. For example, Tintwistle are quite close to all the Saddleworth and Tameside bands who go to Blackpool yet because Tintwistle is located just over the border in Derbyshire they play in the midlands contest.
    The boundaries must have changed in the past because I remember seeing bands like Carlisle St. Stephen's and Barrow in a list of past Blackpool winners and those bands now play in North area.
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    There can be certain exceptions if a suitable case can be made out, such as Jersey being allowed to move to L&SC as it was more accessible for them than staying in the South West.
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    Does that mean all North Wales bands could compete in Blackpool as it is 2 hours closer than Swansea (have a look at http://www.themouthpiece.com/vb/showthread.php?t=26821) and is a hell of a lot more accessible than the miners track called the A470!
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    Hmmm, I have a copy of those rules somewhere... thanks for the reminder.
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    I wonder who's HQ is the shortest from their regional contest? One of the longest journeys must be made by bands such as Hayle? - 300 miles round trip to Bristol and back? -
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    Yes Kieren - that rule is always interesting - and according to the rules - Kippax could move its bandroom (Literally by taking it to pieces!) just 4 miles east and become a North of England Band - and no offence to the lads and lasses up there- but I think if we ever got promoted again - we'd rather face them than the Bradford lot! - but will we, will we? naaahh - it's not the Yorkshire way....
  11. Anno Draconis

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    They certainly used to - my first area with Northop was the North West.
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    At Dronfield we could move ours about a quarter of a mile (or less) and we would be in Yorkshire not Midlands. Don't think we will though.
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    The Midlands Third Sections is huge and very difficult to get out of either way! But Yorks Third section is relatively small- it would certainly give you more chance of promotion- and more chance of relegation with just one bad result. This is what is happening with Dinnington now. One bad result last year (our first year in the 2nd section) means we will almost certainly get relegated this year, especially due to the fact that the bands directly above us are Kippax, Strata and Frickley. AAAARGH!! At least in the bigger sections it gives you chance to improve year on year.

    However, could you really be called Dronfield band if you were practicing somewhere outside Dronfield? It wouldn't appeal to me as moving bandrooms outside of your 'home' town/village means you lose that connection with it. Interesting thought though.
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    "Dronfield" band's always been a bit of a moving feast

    The band performed its first engagement on Armistice Sunday 1970. In 1984 the band left Dronfield to take up the offer of sponsorship from the Staveley Works, rehearsing in the works canteen. In 1991 sponsorship was offered by the Stagecoach East Midlands Bus Company and rehearsals commenced on their work premises that year. At the beginning of 1994 the bus company advised the band of the proposed redevelopment of the premises and we relocated to Chesterfield Miners Welfare during that year. Several temporary prctice rooms and three musical directors followed but ties with Dronfield were never entirely broken over this period."

    At the moment the practice at Coal Aston.

    Killamarsh Silver Band were considering contesting a few years ago and the conductor at the time suggested that he would prefer the band to enter the Yorkshire Areas rather than the Midlands. We are 1/4 mile inside the North East Derbyshire border and have a Sheffield postcode S21 - however I did speak to Peggy Tomlinson and she confirmed it is the "location" of your band room that dictates the area you can apply to join.
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    You wouldn't want to be the Milton Keynes Dons of the banding world!!
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    Since the WOE moved to Torquay, I think the longest journey is made by the Swindon Bands, who make a round trip of just over 300 miles.

    Of course, there are bands who travel further than this in other regions. It would be interesting to find out who does have the longest journey (apart from Jersey). Probably just as well that Shetland doesn't compete in the Scottish!
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    You wouldn't want to be the Milton Keynes Dons of the banding world!![/QUOTE]

    No it wouldn't appeal to me either. (Though we actually rehearse in Coal Aston not Dronfield)
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    I was assuming your band room was in Dronfield!
  19. At one point in the not too distant past, Jayess '87 could've moved to Todmorden, thereby falling under North West area rules.....
    However, is Harrogate, Kirkby Lonsdale et al in the borough of North Yorkshire?

    Surely, rather than being in the North area, these bands, and all the other bands whose addresses end in Yorkshire (as in East Yorks, North Yorks) should be at the YORKSHIRE areas? Or would we stop seeing average Northern bands at the Championship Section Finals??!!

    Just a thought, and no offence intended to any bands I have mentioned.

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    One of the furtherst travellers this year must be Cleethorpes. They practice in Licolnshire 2 1/2 hours drive from my home but they're competing in the Northern area at Darlington.

    One other thing with the Northern if the Yorkshire bands went into the Yorkshire contest and the Cumbrian bands went to the North West how many bands would actually be left in the NOrth? we're already the smallest region as things stand now