Who makes the best bass trombone?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by arniesarnies, Dec 28, 2013.

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    Do not, repeat do not, buy a cheap Indian trombone. You're quite likely to receive something with a non-working slide. Or non-sealed joints. Ditto for other brass instruments. I don't really understand what's in it for anybody to produce such junk... It's as if someone just needs to go to the factory and say "Hey, do you realise that if you did these few extra simple things, you could clean up here rather than get a terrible reputation?", but nobody's done it yet...

    If budgetary constraints are severe, go to someone like Wessex Tubas, who have their manufacturing done at the Jinbao factory in China, but do their own QA and commission their own designs. Good trombones, many of them (always try before you buy if you can with anyone, even the top notch boutique makers). But there's always a certain amount of squaring with one's conscience the undercutting of more local workers involved when one goes for cheaper prices in this fashion.
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    I think that I understand the point you are trying to make and it does all depend on what you want as to what’s best for you at any point in time. For some nothing but a Shires will do (loads of money) and for others something from India is fine, I don’t think that I’d ever buy either as for me one is ‘over kill’ and the other is very likely to be only a ‘Trombone shaped item’. I don’t play Bass Trombone and don’t play (Tenor Trombone) that well, for me an old single trigger Yamaha would more than ‘fit the bill’. Whilst it wouldn’t be the ‘best Bass Trombone’ for a better player it’s still within that group of instruments that is, for making music, a credible choice.

    I think #3 above clarifies what the OP was after. I would say I think that the YBL 3XX is the best for me is because it’s relatively affordable (I usually own the instruments that I play), the brand has a good name, it sounds more than sufficiently good for the groups that I play in, I like its valve and F section, it isn’t as heavy as a two plug Bass and it doesn’t have a second plug which I’d mostly find confusing at the moment.
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