Who is your favourite Euphonium Player(s)?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Seedhouse, Apr 5, 2003.


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    Another under estimated player...

    Bryan Hurdley ----

    Maybe more recognised as a conductor but very useful on Euphonium with City of Coventry, J&C, Heart of England, Desford plus with English Tuba Consort, with Owen Slade, Melvyn Poore, & Richard Dickins...
  2. Personally, i think Steven Mead. Seeing him play, you really get the feeling that he's in control of the instrument more than anyone else and that the instrument is part of his expression... More so, I believe, than anyone else.
  3. euph-man

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    Lyndon Baglin
  4. weez

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    My favourites....

    Lyndon Baglin - the best sound ever.
    Steven Mead - technically brilliant.
  5. Colin D

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    As far as I know... teaching music, but not banding anymore. He played at my wedding last year though, and a fleeting 2-tune dep for his sister Claire on trombone when they had the massed band thing at the 3 Stags last year (bit of a target reference for Derbyshire folk there, apologies).
  6. smaca

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    All fantastic players that have been mantioned, but my favourite is John Clough.
  7. Alan Fernie

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    Anyone here remember the legendary Eddie Dougal? He could bring a tear to a glass eye with his tone - Harry Mortimer always asked for him when in contact with anybody from bands in the Midlothian area. I'm not sure if he recorded anything, but I do remember his playing..... and what a gentleman too.
  8. Mesmerist

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    Last I heard he lives in Lympstone Devon and hasn`t signed for anyone even the local band. But I don`t think he drives so he would need have a lift to rehearsals.
  9. Mesmerist

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  10. MoominDave

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    It made depping for them on solo euph at a concert recently quite a nerve-racking affair!
  11. thecapoots

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    Wow. A lot of great names here. Many that I'm ashamed to admit that I've never heard of (looks like I'm going to have to get a hold of some recordings... or hop a flight to the UK!). But my favorite euphonium players...

    Steven Mead, for my money, is the best player in the world today. He's the whole package-- versatile, hardworking, and collegial-- and he's a marketing genius. The guy is everywhere.

    Shoichiro Hokozono is an unbelievable player-- technically adept and a top-rate musician. The Japanese Air Defense Forces Band has actually given up having him in their band and has made him simply a soloist. That means that the only thing he does is stand in front of the band and play solos. Nice work if you can get it, eh?

    Contrary to what you've read in this forum, we yanks have a player or two over here... Demondrae Thurman comes to mind. Incredible musician, and a beautiful, different sort of sound. There're also guys like Brian Bowman, who've been around forever.

    And, of course, there's me. I might just be my favorite euph player. Except, of course for my wife. If I didn't mention her, I'd be in a LOT of trouble...
  12. Im currently listening to more and more euphonium players, as a euphonist myself i feel i need to listen to them and develop my sound and try and develop a musical understanding of phrasing etc, personally i think the most inovative euphonium player is steven mead, the most controlled sound ive eva herd is Prof. Bob Childs but the most underrated euphonium player who is still outstanding and amzin euphonist is John Moss, he is still at the top of his game. He plays second for polysteel and andy hicks must be ova the moon to have such a fantastic second man down, i was lucky enough to dep for the band and sat below John he is just a gentleman and his euph playin is second to none! (apart from andy strictly speaking). The best euphonium sound had to be Lyndon Baglin now playing Eb Bass a true legend!
  13. HBB

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    Dave Childs.
    Fantastic Bloke.
    Enough Said.

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  15. matti_raz

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    Very, very late here... but one I'd like to add.

    In 2004 I took over as Musical Director of Radcliffle Band... this was the first time I heard of Ian Peters. A totally unassuming man, with 1000% commitment and an amazing Euphonium player....

    For those of you now saying who the... Ian Peters?

    He was British Open Best Instrumentalist 1993, on Masquerade, the year Faireys won by 4 points (and by all accounts was the only Euph player worth the money that day); and a regular with VB.
    IMHO (and many others I know and respect), he can still beat any Euphonium player in sound, technique and being an all round good egg. A sad loss to the contesting scene...
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    Morgans day is everyday!
  17. KMJ Recordings

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    I had the pleasure of sitting next to Ian for a while.....didn't I read on your site the other day that he's playing Eb Bass at the minute? (last I saw I'm sure he was on trombone....and with Briggsy on Principal Cornet as well.....blimey ;) )
  18. jim

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    John was solo euph at William Davis for many years so much exsperiance and could still play no1 in most bands, as for Andy Hicks hes a privlidge to listen to for sound technique and exsperiance.

    For technical playing Helen Kinder at Parc & Dare awsome and solid as a rock on the stage.

    As for Lyndon a true legend and a gentleman still a true proffesional.
  19. Blagger

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    "Cleg" was at salford when I first went there. Great player - interestingly he prefered playing on a medium bore sov euph - didn't like the heavy sound of a large bore. Had a wonderful clean and pure sound - no idea what he is doing now(?)
  20. KMJ Recordings

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    He's still at Radcliffe.....every now and again I run into them in Bury Market....

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