Who is going to Uppermill Contest?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Hornted, Nov 3, 2004.

  1. Hornted

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    Just wondered who is planning to do the Uppermill Contest on the 28th November, big day for Newstead Band Organisation as both Newstead Senior Band and Youth Band have entered. This will be a first for us to have both bands playing at the same contest.
  2. Baldeagle

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    Go for it Mel
  3. MattB

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    Littleborough Public Band will be there, competing for the 4th section crown. Can't wait to see if we can give my old friends from Uppermill a stuffing after their disappointing Pontins result!!!!
  4. Terrible Tuba

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    Stuffing Uppermill

    :lol: Cant help but notice that your greatest moment in your conducting career was April 2003 when your band came 2nd at Holmfirth, well done. Also that the band won best euphonium prize, it went to Paul Johnson didnt it, is that the same Paul Johnson that plays for Uppermill Band, how many other Uppermill players were you using? It looks as though that the 4th section at the Manchester District at Uppermil should be interesting to watch,especially with all this brave talk being banded around.
  5. MattB

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    Hang on Tuba, the post was supposed to be firmly tongue in cheek! I have watched with pleasure this past year while Uppermill have climbed the section and won everything going, I think it's brilliant and long overdue for a really friendly band.

    All the 'brave talk' being bandied around as you put it is no more than friendly pre- contest banter between what I hoped were two local bands with no need for stupid rivalries.

    I wished Paul all the best when he decided to stay with Uppermill and was genuinely pleased to see the great result at the Areas in March.

    If I've taken the wrong end of the stick with your post Tuba, apologies. You certainly did with mine.