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    Apologies if something like this has been asked before, but I couldn't see it.

    There are lots of arrangers on here. If you want to arrange a piece of music that is in copyright, but you don't know who publishes it, how do you find who holds the copyright?

    All of the stuff I've arranged so far has either been out of copyright, or I've known who the copyright holder is. However, I have a number of pieces that I either want to arrange, or have been asked to arrange and I can't find the publisher details anywhere! They are a combination of British and American pieces, some TV / Film stuff, light classics, jazz etc, so a real mix. All have been recorded or get regularly performed. Would the PRS be able to help in circumstances like this? Do they give that sort of information out? Or how about the CLA? I had a (very) quick look at their website but they don't seem to mention anything about music.....

    Any advice greatly appreciated!
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    You could try studio music, who seem to be trying to take over the copyright to everything. The PRS would certainly be helpful. for US pieces, you might try the watch file. which holds information on literary copyrights worldwide - you might find the info you need there for anything involving words (songs etc). You could also try going through record companies. The recordings you listen to would have to be copyright cleared, so they might know the copyright holder.
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    The Music Publishers' Association also hold a database and they've been very helpful to me in the past.

  4. MRSH

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    I've found the MPA to be a very good source of information for everything copyright.

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    I've always consulted the PRS/MCPS in London on this matter - always helpful - but it looks like the MPA would do the job just as well. Thanks, folks, for bringing that to my attention!
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    Thanks guys, that's very helpful!