Who Do You Share Your Bill With?

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    One of the perks(?) of lower section village banding is having to share the bill with other local groups. We mostly get to share with the local operatic society, but the most hysterical one we did was with a group of belly-dancers. They were ladies of a certain age and build although we managed to keep straight faces until the end when they finished up with The Old Bazaar in Cairo. Nanny Ogg and myself (both being of a certain age and build) are now planning on doing pole-dancing at the next concert.
    Any other local stars on your bill?
  2. At my previous band - every year we had to perform at a Remembrance Day Evening Church Service in a small Leicestershire village. The band consisted of 4 cornet players - 1 to play Last Post, the 3 others to join in with a really good arrangement of Reveille. The choir consisted of one elderly lady wearing a large hat who could not sing in tune with herself & missed every high note and was always half a beat behind the organ. She sat one side of the choir stalls, the 4 bandsmen the other. There was a spotlight in the corner which attracted all the moths & promptly "zapped" them.
    Each year players volunteered to play to see if they could survive the service - the year the elderly lady didn't turn up was somehow very sad!
    I'm pleased to say that true professionalism & respect was shown every year - but not without difficulty!
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    Youth clubs mainly, been in two buildings which have been used to house the youth! Always interesting pictures on the walls, and a sofa! You can't go worng with a sofa!

    Most interesting was when Pendennis actually practiced in the Pendennis shipyard canteen...........lots of nice boat builders would wonder past and give kelly some eye candy! :)

    Now i think its the people that share there band room with a bar that have it made! I'm jealous!!

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