Who can really work the audience...

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    I know some conductors do announcements, some have other comperes...who are the best at it?

    At the end of the day we are out to entertain and connect with audiences, and if you have that someone special, it always helps.

    My favourites are...

    Frank Renton (he always is masterful at BiC and US Open)
    Alan Morrison & Michael Fowles

  2. PeterBale

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    Richard Evans can always be relied upon to come up with some good stories, and puts them over well, even if you've heard them before ;)
  3. Bass Trumpet

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    Being a conductor myself, I can testify that it is quite a skill to turn round to the audience and amuse/entertain/enthrall/inform them. I was quite shaky the first time I did it, but it's something you get used to and eventually start to enjoy.

    My own personal favourite is Mr David Stowell. I was depping with Grimethorpe a few months back and David came in as a guest conductor at very short notice. Not only did he lead the band with such precision but he was able to turn round to audience and speak to them at such a personal level. He not only informed them about the music, but the history of the band, the soloists and even the venue! Not only that, but his ability to do all this in a light-hearted way made the concert a joy for audience and band alike.
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    No one comes close to Richard Evans as a conductor who announces. Compere's have an easier job of it, as that's all that's on their mind. Mike Fowles is good too, Renton obviously. Some of the best conductors I've worked for were also the dullest announcers!
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    An interesting question - of course, most of the responses will talk about the big names because they will have seen them in action - however, if you for example live in Aberdeen & don't play for Lands End brass band, you won't know how good or bad their conductor is!
    So, for those who have never heard him, Steve McIntyre of Uckfield Concert Brass is very good with an audience.
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    Richard Evans, Peter Roberts :)
  9. xRinat

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    Oh and ofcourse Allen Vizzutti
  10. Les Beevers is a cracking compere and conductor
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    Dave Hayward is a cracking compere.
  12. andyp

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    Yup, with a dry wit and extremely funny jokes (particularly golf-related)!
  13. Phil Green

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    I thought I'd wait to see if anyone else mentioned Bram Tovey before me, as a member of his fan club. On a par with Richard Evans I'd think but very different. In my experiences with him in front of a band we were as rapt as the audience.
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    Jim Wright! Had the audience in the palm of his hand and hanging on his every word!
  15. leisa

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    Richard Evans, Les Beevers or David King
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    David King?
    He wouldn't be in my top 100, and I must have heard him 200 times!!
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    An interesting enough thread, but "the audience" is a very, very subjective statement.

    Looks to me like there could be a 'ringer'... or in forum parlance a 'sock-puppet' looking to do a bit of promotion here. ;-)