Whitworth to visit Kandel (Not Kendal!)

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Columbo, Aug 23, 2009.

  1. Columbo

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    We go to Germany this week. I am looking forward to a great trip it and it's my first with them so I certainly am looking forward to getting to know the band better. Thanks to all who have sorted to the letter what appears to be a well organised trip. Can't wait to get there.

    I'd like to thank the band greatly for all the hard work in preparing for the concerts. There are some 30+ pieces going with us. Bearing in mind I've only been here a month now we have put some phenominal preparation in for the enjoyment of the locals there. I have witnessed a very professional and committed approach and it has done wonders to gel our new partnership.

    I wonder if we can expect the same interest as Dyke's Aussie trip?? I doubt it, however our commitment shall be just as intense. ;)

    See you there guys!
  2. PeterBale

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    Hope it all goes well - I still have very happy memories of a trip to Caens with Coventry Festival Band in the 1970s, and I'm sure there will be lots of local interest.
  3. Columbo

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    Cheers Peter. I'm sure we'll use the trip as a bonding experience and enjoyable social event, yet we look forward to producing some high standard concerts over there as we've worked so hard in our short time together to date.
  4. Columbo

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    Just a quickie. Hi Dave., Tat that is!! Having a great time here and its a scorcher! Enjoy work mate and see you when we get back!
  5. tat

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    Cheers Jason,
    Am sure there's plenty to drink over there to keep you cool.
    Hope your not drinking with Dick Dyson otherwise you'll have had a big hangover this morning! lol.
    How's my under study, is he playing well?
    Have a good one.
  6. Frontman

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    Enjoy Chaps!!!!!!!
  7. Columbo

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    I've come over all sensible. It'll wear off when I settle in!

    Brian's been Babbaged! (He'll explain later!). I'm avoiding drinking with Mr D!

    Great trip and band playing very well. We have been received with great enthusiasm and warmth by the locals. Understudy is pulling his weight and I've been roped into playing on Sunday! Remember Sasha? He agreed to play, providing I wet a mouthpiece also! Need to leave the red wine alone in future!

    Sorry you're not here Dave, I'll keep you posted.
  8. Hells Bones

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    Still waiting for your first video podcast, Jay! ;)

    Have fun, mate!
  9. Columbo

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    Thats one thing I am NOT in charge of which is a much needed relief! Also, as I've said before, I am useless with modern technology! It is in good hands though, so don't worry. All shall become clear upon our return. Cheers. J.
  10. Columbo

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    Well. We're on our way back tomorrow sadly. Had a great week where our concerts have gone down great with our supporters who came and indeed the locals.

    We have been made to feel extremely welcome by our hosts and one of the best trips I've been on with a band.

    Everything went like clockwork and was very well organised.

    Personally, I would like to thank Richard Milton here very much for all his hard work in putting together an excellent itinery. My thanks also go to everyone who helped put this trip on.

    Thanks to Richard, Ian, Bryan and Dave for the advice in putting the programs together. It certainly helped when I didn't know what to expect here.

    There has been plenty to do here and everything has gone according to plan. The band and its supporters have also made me very welcome in my new post, so thanks to all at Whitworth for that. All members have been great ambassadors for Whitworth Band.

    The playing has been of an exceptionally high standard and has been recognised by the locals. I'm sure we hade the loudest and longest cheers at the festival concerts. We struggled to get off the stage yesterday!

    ps. We had several photos taken of the Concerts. Anyone wanting pictures of the gigs can pm me and I'll happily send them on.

    Cheers guys and see you back in Blighty!
  11. Columbo

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    Link sent to me today of a clip. A bit of culture is how it was introduced. Quartet 'Sweet and Low'. It surprised me that, in the middle of all the foot tapping stuff, this was asked for again at the end of the concert! Just goes to show, we are not all experts on what is expected.

    There are two clips on You Tube.