Whitwell Brass Band Victorious In Bedworth

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    Whitwell Brass Band has been crowned the Midlands Fourth Section Champions for the first time in nearly 50 years. The band, conducted by Musical Director David Fretwell, beat off competition from twenty other brass bands from the Midlands.

    Playing the set test piece, The Talisman by Frank Hughes, adjudicators, Derek Southcott and David Hirst picked out the band's Solo Cornet player, David Wheatley and Euphonium player Ryan Stacey for special praise. They also congratulated the whole band for their use of dynamics and expression.

    David Fretwell said of the result, “This is the culmination of a lot of hard work and effort put in by the band over the last couple of years. The band have done everything musically that I have asked of them. The 'proof of the pudding is in the eating' as the saying goes and I would publicly like to say well done to everyone concerned both in front and behind the scenes”.

    The last time the band qualified for the Fourth Section National Finals was in 1960, when the contest was held at the Royal Albert Hall in London. They went on to make subsequent appearances in 1961 and 1963 in the Third and Second Sections respectively.

    The band's next public concert is on Saturday 25th April at Worksop Town Hall. It is a St George's themed event with local Soprano singer, Michelle Todd.

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  2. Cornethasbeen

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    Hi Stephen, hope this causes no embarrassment, but thought I should be big enough, old enough, ugly enough and hard enough to ask a couple of questions that were bouncing around Bedworth on Sunday. Lots of people were wondering why you (Whitwells Trombone Player) were the only photographer at the front of the hall, with lens focused on the prizes, prior to the adjudicators leaving the box to give the 4th Section results? Also, why where the whole of Whitwell Brass congregated in the aisle in a mood of celebration, even before the resuts were "taken outside to be 'sorted'"? Surely, if there are no points in the contest (just placings) there should be no need for 'sorting' outside, just a simple walk from the box to the prizes. If anything should need 'sorting', surely we should introduce a 'sorting table' in public view (possibly with an independent witness) Finally, all the contributers to this response have asked that you are made aware that we'll be looking out for a 'sorting' in your favour in Harrogate. Congratulations Whitwell! Give our collective regards to David (both of them).
  3. Uncle Bryn

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    Contesting - got to love it!!

    Maybe the band thought they had played well enough to win it? Guess what?!?!? They did!!

    As far as conspiracy theories go - this one isn't that good! :rolleyes:
  4. Cornethasbeen

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    As far as responses go, that's probabaly the worst I've seen in the History of TMP!
  5. Baton twirler

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    Probably because they had been in the pub like most other bands and when I walked in there were plenty of empty seats in front of the box some of the band were sat there already.
    The 'sorting' took about 2 - 3 minutes and that was probably to put the white envelopes with the correct band.
    At the Loughborough Contest last year we waited 25 minutes whilst they 'sorted' the results for the adjudicator to say all the bands fell in the order quite easily! His excuse was that he needed to spend a penny after all his time in the box. Rolls Royce came last and we were placed one above them with most of the audience saying it us or them that should have won, that's banding I suppose.
    Probably a bit of wishfull thinking on Stephen's part with the camera.
    Anyway, we won and let's hope we are sorted into 1st place at Harrogate, thanks for your kind regards (I am not the cornet playing Dave obviously).
  6. Uncle Bryn

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    OK let me fully explain.

    There have been (probably many) instances in the past that results have leaked between the "sorting" phase and the announcement.

    What you're suggesting, however, is that either the adjudicators David Hirst and Derek Southcott or the contest controllers are corrupt. As you state that in your opinion the result was known to the band before they even left their box.

    Your evidence to support your theory is that the band were in a jubilant mood and one of their members had a camera trained on the prizes!!

    Conspiracy theories usually have a cleverly constructed chain of events that lead the reader to draw the theoretical conclusion. Your evidence isn't clever, merely slanderous.

    In your own words you're big enough, old enough, ugly enough and crucially hard enough to make these allegations but you must be prepared for people to add comment when they are as far reaching.
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    Just wanted to say a big congratulations to all our friends at Whitwell :clap: :clap:, you deserved the win after all the hard work and dedication from the band. Onwards and upwards.

    AKA Michelle
    Flugel Horn
    Creswell Colliery Band.
  8. Baton twirler

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    Hi Michelle,
    thanks for that, as you say hard work and dedication won on the day.
    We are a little village band just like Creswell and we don't get mentioned like the so called "name bands" so it is all the more gratifying to win such a big contest. We go about our work every Monday and Thursday plus jobs throughout the year, have our "ups and downs" like most bands but always come through smiling at the end of it. Our band song "Whitwell 'til I die" is sung whether we are 1st or last, we have a little moan on some occassions when we think we should have won (like most bands) but then just get on with the next job or contest.
    Thanks again.
  9. Wandering Minstrel

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    I have deliberated long and hard before replying to this post asking myself 'is it worth it?' but have decided, yes it is. I find this post particularly offensive, like me you use a pseudonym to 'cloak' your identity probably for no other reason than 'a bit of fun', however to hide your true identity and then make slanderous remarks about the adjudicators is oderous. Please back this up with evidence. Oh, wait a minute, you can't can you because there is none except in your mind. I would also like to know where the 'bouncing around Bedworth' of these ideas was taking place. Perchance just you and your friends? Most bands people I spoke to were doing what they do at every contest, celebrating, getting over their disappointment, going to the pub or going home. It seems that there was a distinct lack of looking for someone on the grassy knoll. I was on the corridor outside the hall when Whitwell were waiting to go in, the steward remarked to them 'you are the happiest and most relaxed band we've had all day!' Was he in on it too? The female steward gave one of the euphonium players a hug, perhaps she fixed the result too do you think? Perhaps you may find it in you to be big enough, old enough, ugly enough and hard enough to apologise openly to the adjudicators and to the band you have insulted for your slanderous remarks.
  10. Uncle Bryn

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    There was a guy browsing a trade stand who looked mildly jubilant or maybe it was quite relaxed. It's sometimes hard to tell :-?

    When he walked by that same female steward he said hello but in all honesty he looked as if he quite fancied a hug. :eek:

    Then........GET THIS........... he walked right past the adjudicators box and his shoes squeaked on the floor. The squeak made the unmistakable sound "Make Whitwell win this contest please Mr adjudicators", now to the untrained ear, it sounded like a sensible pair of Clarks shoes squeaking on a wooden floor but to the educated it was obvious without question.

    Cornethasbeen - you're a genius!
  11. Anno Draconis

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    What a disgusting post. :mad:
  12. Uncle Bryn

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    Mr Hasbeens absence is noted since he (encouraged by a many it seems) posted this. Wonder if he'll be big/old/ugly/hard enough to come back and offer an apology?

    Somehow; I doubt it!
  13. stephen2001

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    It causes me no embarrasment at all. It wouldn't be a contest without various conspiricy theories flying about!

    I have no issue in explaining what I was up to. I was sat on the front row next to the band chairman (who sits on the front row and listens to every band at every contest we take part in) and my Mum. The reason for taking photos of the trophies was as my camera's not a 'point and click', I wanted to get the settings right on the off chance that we would be in the prizes. Looking back through my photos, I got a much nicer picture of the trophies at Butlins!

    For what it's worth I agree that the whole results process should be more open, and I've been saying that for a while. However, this thread isn't the place to discuss it.

    As mentioned in previous posts to this thread, we are a very lively young and friendly band who enjoy what we do. We take it seriously when it matters, and after two months working on a frustrating test piece, we were glad it was all over.
  14. HelterSkelter

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    Just a brief word to say congrats to all at Whitwell. I heard many performances on the day and although I don't think there were any that stood out, yours was consistently good throughout and very enjoyable. As for the conspiracy theories, it seems that's just part of contesting, and they do make amusing reading sometimes (provided they're not taken too seriously..!) Best wishes to Dave on cornet and Gareth on percussion who often helped me out when I was conducting down the road at Welbeck. Cheers, guys, and well done!
  15. euphalogy

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    Take it on the chin fellas, pick yaself up, dust yaself down and get on with the next 12 months hard work. Congratulate the winners, all of them, commiserate and support the losers, but NEVER< EVER, have the bare faced cheek and wickedness to make such odious comments about the adjudicators and the organisers of what is the countries biggest and best 4th section competition.
  16. Baton twirler

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    I couldn't agree more, the contest is run really well, the venue is very good with prices in the foodhall that don't require a 2nd mortgage (if you could get one). There are facilities for warming up before playing and I think the hall is good to play in. It is a fair old drive but you can't have everything can you? No matter where the venue is some bands are going to have to travel due to the size of the region (which is a different issue)!

    We at Whitwell have been in the same position on many occasions over the past couple of years when we have played extremely well and been placed 14th and then 10th in the two previous areas after winning the Derby Contest twice in succession (2007 & 2008). At Loughborough last year Rolls Royce and ourselves played winning performances or so we thought and the majority of the audience did also but they came 9th of 9 and we only just beat them into 8th! The sorting out process took 25 minutes after he had sat in the box for about 10 to 15 minutes before coming out with the remarks. He then said on arriving on stage that every band had fell in to place really easily. His excuse for the delay was he was in need of spending a penny after his stint in the box! Only 9 bands to listen too, that must have been a long 'wee', but that is banding for you.

    There were two respected and well qualified musicians in the box at Bedworth and someone somewhere is going to disagree with the result, have a little gripe then get on with the next thing on your band calendar.
  17. fretty

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    He he, Damn, foiled again, I must remember to send the message backwards next time!! :D

    I must admit it took months of practice to perfect my "cheat squeek" ;) ,but after spending some time modifying it we might be able to win the finals (you see now i've trained my shoes to squeek messages in upto 34 different languages, which any trained adjudicator can translate)

    Oh and Mr Hasbeen, with a crowd of over 100 people waiting to get into the room to hear the results, would you really expect our band to stand in the doorway and make it almost impossible for people to get in!!! We only did what any other person with an ounce of logic would do, to go as far into the room as possible so that others can get in.

    Maybe next year the committee would like to relocate the adjudicators box to the moon, just to see if the entire of Whitwell band assemble next to it. If we do then fair enough, your "theories" will be accepted but until then you just have to keep the "answers" to yourself (But you can keep me well upto date on how well "Alien Brass" are coping and which players they have manage to abduct and clone from black dyke, etc).

    And as for our "mood of celebration", im not surprised, we have spent a long long time trying to decipher this piece and get our performance upto a decent standard and even then we were doubtful about a top 4 finish. I should imagine most bands on the day were happy after it was all over with and as I recall alot were in the pub prior to the results. We knew we played well but expected nothing, as has happened in previous years (because we never have got anything from the areas). I'm just glad we finally won something big.

    (by the way, when i arrived at the college i went into the canteen and bought myself, and my gf, a pizza. Does that count as bribery? Also im surprised you didnt claim that my dad kept a consignment of money hidden under his hat in 10 different currencies, just for the benefit of posting under the adjudicators box when you werent looking.)
  18. kierendinno

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    Fantastic post... and well done to all at Whitwell... but Daniel, you're doing yourself an injustice... Whitwell Band won the Butlins Mineworkers Third Section in 2005, only 4 years ago... I'd call that 'big'! ;)

    Again, well done to all, fantastic result for all connected with the band!
  19. fretty

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    he he, thanks, I was just disgusted with the post.

    Congrats on your prizes Kieren and yeah I remember the butlins win, but I wasnt with the band then (I was talking about winning something big while ive been with the band, but really we havent come anywhere in the areas for a while, and as stephen says, we havent won it for many many years)

    I just wish Mr Hasbeen would come back (preferably using his real username) and grant us all an apology but i dont think this is going to happen anytime soon
  20. kierendinno

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    No well I'd just take it with a pinch of salt; envy can do terrible things to people!

    Well done again, and see you at Harrogate!