Whitby Jet Valve Buttons

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by HaleStorm, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. HaleStorm

    HaleStorm Member

    I have been looking for a set of these for ages for my tenor horn, does anybody know where i can find them? i would dearly like some because they look better than the plasticy looking white inlays my soverign came with, anyone who can help me? thanks guys
  2. trombone-john

    trombone-john Member

    Hi Big G

    Hope you've recovered from Germany.

    Guess you were impressed with Helens new valvecaps.
    They were done by a friend of mine Owen Wedgwood.
    I've PM'd you his contact details.

  3. HaleStorm

    HaleStorm Member

    thanks i have emailed him for a quote, yeah i was well impressed with them, thought they would look really good on the horn, especially as it has already got black casing and stuff on it, plus the enamal caps looks really shoddy and are yellowing.

    Is there really any recovering from Germany? i know my body is still regecting carbs purely because all my diet was protien over there.

    Have you seen the DVD yet? if you have is it any good, can you ask Gary to make me a copy?

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