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  1. My name is Paul Saggers you can contact me at my email razzitout@hotmail.com, I am looking for a band to play with at the Whit Friday Marches this year, I dont think any bands from Cornwall are going! I am looking to play ideally with a Champ/1st Section Band. I currently play with St Austell Band in the Championship section where I currently sit third man down. Accomodation is no issue and I require no expenses, I would stay in Manchester so I am pretty close to it. Ideally I am looking for a Band that can take me on on the day of the contest as living in Cornwall is abit far to travel for a Rehearsal! Anyone interested mail me or post on here! thanks :)
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  3. how do i go about doing that?
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    see the link I posted above :tup
  5. Thanks! I will see what other offers come along and get back to you on it! :)
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    Our Paul is somewhat short, so perhaps a juniour band? :p Just so long as he remembers his cornet, mouthpiece, shoes and brain Paul would fit in nicely with any band, and he's also a Whit virgin :-? Take that as a commendation and/or damnation if you will...

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