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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Beesa, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. Beesa

    Beesa Member

    For brass banders and many others, the Whit Friday marches are rightfully often described as the greatest show on earth.

    In recent years the day has become more and more marred by drunken youths. It is as though their perception that they are excluded from the events contributes to their behaviour.

    How about at each venue there is a 'try it out' area where brass bands give the public - and more importantly the young people - a chance to have a blow and a chat about what brass bands are all about.

    I believe many young people see brass bands as being something they could never be a part of because they believe themselves to be non-musical or can't read, let alone read music. But that is exactly why brass bands flourished a hundred or more years ago. It was music accessible to everybody, particularly the working classes.

    At present Whit Friday Marches are in danger of becoming a victim of their own success.

    How about seeing the Whit Friday marches as an opportunity to recruiting and providing those without, a bit of purpose in their lives.
  2. Ali

    Ali Member

    There are a couple of things about this idea. The way I see it, A) the majority of championship section bands are there for one thing only. And that is to get around as many contests as fast as possible and to win as much money as possible. It wouldn’t be viable for the likes of Dyke, Brighouse, Fodens, Rothwell, Faireys, Leyland or Hepworth to participate in such a "Try it out" area as you suggested.

    B) The idea may work in a small contest like Friezland as it’s in a confined area and its out the way so most of the morons who now plague my village and others keep out the way. However there is no way in anyones right mind that you should even consider having it in areas such as Uppermill. Its bad enough for the spectators as it is trying to listen whilst the idiots prance about, scream shout and kick ten bells of c*** out of each other, and get totally hammered throwing up where ever they collapse!

  3. timbloke

    timbloke Member

    A noble idea, but I think it is a sad fact that for the majority of the trouble makers it is too late. They attend the event with the simple aim of drinking as much as possible and trying as hard as possible to be the centre of attention - rather than the bands. It is an unfortunate snapshot of the country and (without wanting to sound like a miserable old git) a sample of "the youth of today". There are many fine younger members of society, but unfortunately their voice, hard work and efforts are often ignored and overshadowed by those loud, obnoxious drunkards. I doubt that anything will change, certainly not soon, not without some remarkable change in society.

    And another point, not sure about you, but I for one wouldn't want to let a drunken teenage girl loose on my horn. Gonna be messy! ;)
  4. Ali

    Ali Member

    The other thing that I forgot to mention is that most of the local Saddleworth bands like Dobcross , Diggle and Boarshurst all have training bands where people can go and have a go. The training bands (as far as Im aware) carry on through out the year, so I dont see how one day a year is going to get more people to come and try it out. In all honesty I would be put off, with the music, the uniforms etc if I was a youngster today. Fortunately im not and I love banding. The music, the uniforms and the ethos needs to move into the 21st centuary if banding is to flourish. We have to compete with X-Box, WII, 3D tv etc. If we dont try too, then we are in danger of going the same way as the Dodo did!!!!
  5. DannyCollin

    DannyCollin Member

    I'm sure there's an answer to that, but for the life of me.........
  6. Beesa

    Beesa Member

    Some good points have been made. Brings me back down to earth a bit!

    I appreciate that most of the top bands are there for one thing only. Let's leave them out of it just now.

    Many bands are there for the atmosphere and just to participate in this truly amazing event. Maybe during some of the waits in the queue there could be a stand or area where the general public could 'have a go'. I am sure that many bands have instruments that are probably worth more in brass scrap but are playable, that could be used for this purpose.

    The present drunken youths are probably past 'saving', but this thing could be aimed more at the pre-pi55heads. It might save them going the same way as the louts we see these days. So the idea is one which is looking long term for any benefits. Say 5-10 years.

    Anything to halt the way Saddleworth (and I assume Thameside too) is going at the moment.

    As a trial, perhaps just one particular venue could be singled out as one where the general public are encouraged to have a go. Friezland I suppose would be ideal as suggested.

    I do appreciate all the comments, which are very realistic. Perhaps I am being too 'noble' but I really do feel there is an opportunity for this event to be taken advantage of for brass banding as a whole.
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  7. Bayerd

    Bayerd Active Member

    I'm not sure about this one. Banding made a huge contribution to my transition from kid into p!sshead 20 years ago. I don't think I've ever been known as a lout though...
  8. TrumpetTom

    TrumpetTom Member

    Sorry but that is a dreadful idea! No scum bag drunk stoned chav is coming near ANY of my instruments!! and it's got nothing to do with not being included, it's just it's too much brain power for them to be *****! Plus I guess it aint cool. This is the impression I've been given from knowing people at school and my schools a hell of alot nicer than most of the schools around there I should think. Oh well, I guess cornets are softer than bricks....
  9. Beesa

    Beesa Member

    Me too. But drinking in a brass band environment has got to be better than what these kids are doing. As a kid I couldn't wait to join the rest of the band down the pub after practice.

    I was probably one of the 'cool' gang at school. When I joined the local brass band I think many of my mates were surprised, but I loved my new hobby. I got to go places (including the pub) and made new friends and learnt about music. The uniform was so extremely uncool it became, well, cool!

    In the end quite a few of my friends joined me. Some of them ended up playing guitars and alongside the brass band they played in rock bands.

    If it is the case that brass bands are dwindling, then I can see no better place to promote the movement than Whit Marches. There must be loads of 'normal' people at this event who would jump at the opportunity to play in a brass band.

    I'll concede though, that my suggestion should not be aimed at drunken louts.
  10. Ali

    Ali Member

    If there were plenty of people dying to have a go, then the majority of bands across the board would have fore mentioned training bands, unfortunately this is not the case. It's seems that most of the people who join these, tend to be parents or grandparents of kids who are already playing, and are eager to join in with the Childs hobby.
    For those that don't have kids, it seems like a lost cause. It's very difficult to get people intrested in something that they have no intrest in.
  11. Hells Bones

    Hells Bones Active Member

    Personally, I think the idea in principle is a good one but implementing it would be impossible.

    A lot of the people who go to watch the Whit Marches start the day's drinking before the bands have even met up.

    Also, as Alan said, there are a lot of youth/training bands in Saddleworth. Delph, Dobcross and Boarshurst are 3 off the top of my head.

    I suppose a more logistically sound idea would be if a few bands had 'open days' where people can turn up for an impromptu lesson.
    It would have to be very well advertised though.

    The problem with that is who would teach them?
  12. towse1972

    towse1972 Active Member

    Are you saying that our schools are rough? Silly boy! If Saddleworth is too full of "scum bags" and "chavs" then don't bother coming over the hill Tom!
  13. TrumpetTom

    TrumpetTom Member

    sorry donna, didn't mean it in that way, just comparing it to holmfirth ;)
  14. Hells Bones

    Hells Bones Active Member

    If you think Saddleworth is full of chavs you should go to either Sholver or Derker.

    Take your pick. :mad:
  15. TrumpetTom

    TrumpetTom Member

    Either way, saddleworth still has chavs, like any place. But if you want chavvy place ill say M16, knew a guy who lived there for a bit. Or lozzels in birmingham (been there! :p) Not the sort of places you wanna go!
  16. towse1972

    towse1972 Active Member

    Tom.....Quit while you're still alive. You are digging a massive hole to bury yourself in here!
  17. TrumpetTom

    TrumpetTom Member

    You get my point though
  18. Hells Bones

    Hells Bones Active Member

  19. Bayerd

    Bayerd Active Member

    No, we don't...
  20. nethers

    nethers Active Member

    Tom's point is that there are chavs pretty much everywhere. Sad but true. Could argue that A has more than B, but not really helping anyone. Back to the (interesting) topic maybe?

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