Whit Fridays 2014

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  1. Captain Cymru

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    I will be attending my first Whit Fridays this year as a spectator, can any of you good people tell me on which is the best venue in Saddleworth. I am after viewpoint, Bars and grub.
  2. Cybone

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    I would recommend Diggle. The venue is well attended by bands and spectators. You can get as close to the bands as you like. The facilities are good. There is always a hog roast and ice cream and other goodies available on the field where the bands play. Drinks are available from the nearby Diggle Band Club and drinks and food at the Diggle Hotel and Hanging Gate a couple of minutes walk away.

    This is a very civilised and pleasant venue, unlike some. It is also very open with great views all round and not as claustrophobic as some.
  3. DRW

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    Uppermill has plenty of pubs and food places. Good vantage points for both the road and standing marches. Can be a bit lively with the local youths taking advantage of an outdoor drinking festival - depending on your outlook this can add to or detract from the enjoyment.

    And best of all, you won't be adding to the numbers in my favourite village ;)
  4. Ianroberts

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    Dobcross gets my vote every time, lovely little venue almost an amphitheatre with the tall houses immediately surrounding it.
  5. DRW

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    Not so good for the road march though. A narrow road with limited spectator space along the side. The hill between the road march and the green is quite steep and therefore discourages alternating between the 2, which may not be the best thing for a first-timer. Not a great abundance of bars either (1 pub and a limited choice post office / off-licence). When I went, food choice was limited to a burger van and curry and chips (e.g.) from the pub.
  6. Ianroberts

    Ianroberts Well-Known Member

    true, surely you go for the bands not haute cuisine ? burger van and the pub always did for me

  7. DRW

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    Captain Cymru had specifically mentioned food in his requirements. Some other venues such as Uppermill do have much more choice (street vendors / cafes / restaurants / fairground-style food stalls).
  8. whitewitch

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    its according to what you are after.

    my take is.
    denshaw. ok viewpoint. limited food and drink.
    dobcross. beautiful setting. very limited food and drink though.
    diggle. viewpoint ok. not much else going on. out of the way.
    greenfield. quite a few pubs, and food places. not bad viewpoint. decent march views.
    delph. not that much food. plenty of pubs. not good viewpoint. gets packed. good atmosphere
    grotton. a bit of a weird one. good viewpoint (on stand). some food. limited drink
    freizland. decent bbq and church tea place. good viewpoint. quiet. only lower section bands though so won't see the 'big boys'
    lees. a chippy. pubs etc. not good viewpoint. rowdy.
    lydgate. quietish. decent viewpoint. not much food or drink
    scouthead austerlands. a good selection of food and drink. decent viewpoint. can be a bit muddy and cold if the weather isn't good.
    Uppermill. best food and pub selection. coffee shops. co-op etc. good viewpoint. however. very rowdy after about 10. so if you want to stay late they maybe not good. but most of the big bands will have played then anyway.

    can I just say (again) that I live in Uppermill, and the trouble makers are not local. I don't know where they are from. I will be on a bus with Marsden Silver anyway.
  9. Ianroberts

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    I bow to you superior knowledge, you should work at the tourism thinggy
  10. DRW

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    Not superior knowledge, just the ability to read and understand :)
  11. Captain Cymru

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    Thanks for the input, I mentioned food and amenities as I have a small family and they most probably will be with me.
  12. Ianroberts

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    From what Ive heard thats pretty good for someone from Norfolk, so well done :clap::clap::clap:
  13. DRW

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    Give me a high six! :)
  14. Ianroberts

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    Opposable thumbs. On one hand!! Would make triggering a cornet easier I guess..... :-/
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  17. Beesa

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    I agree with Greenfield. You might get to watch a bit of relaxing cricket or a look around the fairground too (great for the family).

    Friezland is good too as there is usually a bit more to watch with some occasional marching displays - the deportment is a hard fought prize there. Yes, it's nice to have seen some of the big bands but the 3rd, 4th section bands (and scratch bands) provide plenty of good quality marches. Quieter crowd wise and with good refreshments on hand.

    So...I would say Greenfield early on for a couple of hours, for the atmosphere, road march and general entertainment. Then a short walk to Friezland to cap the night off. Avoid Uppermill unless you want to see drunken yobs and yobettes being wheeled down the street in wheelchairs by ambulance staff.

    All other places have their own uniqueness but all good.

    NB - Uppermill for the morning marches. That is the real Whit Friday to me and a far different (better?) atmosphere to the evening.

    I would imagine you will want to go agai. Take the family when they are old enough to go to the pubs and then see the other places too.
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  18. DRW

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    Another vote for Greenfield. Now I know you have children I would withdraw my Uppermill suggestion; it's not easy to keep children safe there. I especially found that walking away from the venue afterwards was the most tricky part, trying to avoid the drunken revellers.

    The children may enjoy seeing the mounted policemen and woman there though!
  19. DRW

    DRW New Member

    You should be easy to spot in the crowd. I'll say hello if I see you :)
  20. classicbrass

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    Get to Uppermill before 9am on Friday morning. You will be treated to a spectacle that lasts all morning, especially after the service on St. George's fields when the combined procession takes place.
    This is the proper Whit Friday experience and isn't much known.

    If you make it come and say hello - I'll be with the combined Oldham Band (Lees) and Lees Band accompanying St Chads (Saddleworth Church) for the morning, trying to manhandle a BBb bass