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    Here is Point of Ayr's performance of Knight Templar at Greenacres (I think). I ended up on the end after some last minute switching (hence the few nasty blips, I apologize in advance!!)


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    Fodens Whit Friday Mossley Winners 2008

    This is one of Fodens best winning performances from the whole night, have a listen and feel free to leave a comment on you tube.


    Fodens Band
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  8. Haslingden and Helmshore at Broadoak, courtesy of our trombone player's brother-in-law...


    And no, we didn't play High Command on the march at Denton before you ask - he's cut various shots from the night with audio from the one performance.

    We unfortunately didn't do too well at Broadoak (about 20th I think), so it's a shame he couldn't have used the performances from Greenacres or Delph, where we came 5th and 7th respectively. Top work anyway, and many thanks from the band :tup
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    Looks like Tartan Brass had fun, Willie (despite the unfortuneate comments made by some idiots as referred to on another Whit Friday thread) - who were Tartan Brass this year? Mainly Campbeltown, or were there players from "a' the airts"?
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    We had 38 playing with us this year, about 10 from Campbeltown, and I think the rest were made up with players from Irvine & Dreghorn, Lochgelly, Annan, Scottish Co-op, Dunfermline, Dalkeith, Kinneil, Tullis, Johnston and Barrhead. So a nice wee banding trip to get a bunch of people from different bands away for a weekend and enjoy the Whit Friday experience!!
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    Do you realise you spelt 'knight' wrong in the title of the vid? St Austell playing 'Knoght Templar' hee hee! :tongue:
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    One of the comments said: "Does everybody play Knight Templar these days?" It seemed like it! but always nice to hear.

    I have a load of video from Friezland, Greenfield, Uppermill, Dobcross and Delph but I need to download it from tape first although I used a small camera for the Tartan Brass 2008 youtube video which was uploaded straight away.

    This was my first Whit Marches, hopefully next year playing but just as much fun to watch.

    What an amazing event, and so well organised !
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    Many thanks for the Vid of us Kitwoody!! I was too busy playing and couldnt see the cornets at the back dancing along, so was quite good to see!!
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    reminder: how to include youtube videos in your posts:

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    (without spaces of course)

    in between the tags, you only put the reference code, i.e. the last part of the youtube link, the part after '=' for example: 4gknLPZrQOc for the video from the previous post

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    haha, i noticed that one too...bless....thats almost identical to the one i got (except this one didn't drop the camera halfway through!) so i won't bother putting mine on!

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