Whit Friday - What music is allowed?

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  1. rodeband

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    Rode Hall Silver Band are playing at this years Whit Friday contests. The march we have chosen is a published march but has no D.C. Is this going to be a problem as I have heard from several sources that the march MUST have a D.C. and it must be played??

    Also, does anyone have a complete list of venues for both Saddlworth and Tameside???

    Thanks in advance

    Mike Mccann
  2. PeterBale

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    I don't think you should have a problem, as the adjudicator will see from the copy that no DC is marked. A number of composers prefer to write out their marches in full, rather than write a DC that may or may not be observed - one or two of Ray Steadman-Allen's SA marches do this. I'm sure the ruling would be that the DC must be played "if marked".
  3. a very flat b

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    My understanding is that if the March has a D.C. then you must play it rather than 'finishing at the bottom. There is always a debate over repeats in the D.C., any band I've played for has not played repeats in the D.C., without penalty.

    Saddleworth contest website: http://www.whitfriday.brassbands.saddleworth.org/


    I don't think the Tameside link has all the contests as it doesn't mention Ashton - u- Lyne.
  4. Straightmute

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    My understanding is that it must be a published march - that's really the only rule so far as choice of piece is concerned (so far as I'm aware).

    Such was the convention, many composers/publishers in the early days would take it for granted that a march has a DC and not necessarily write it on the parts. If my memory is correct there is no DC marked in 'Honest Toil' for example, but the music clearly requires it. Look out for obvious signs such as a fermata (pause) at the Trio, and you'd normally expect a march to end in the same key as it begins, although there are exceptions.

    Some marches (such as Heaton's Praise) seem to work better without the DC but a Whit Friday adjudicator might feel that you haven't had the opportunity to prove your stamina in a march if it is too short...

  5. iancwilx

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    There is no DC marked at the bottom of Mephistopheles, but there is a pause before the trio.
    What do most bands do with Mephie these days ?
    In my Imps days in the 1960s we always did a DC when we played it on Whit Friday (and mostly won)
    - Wilkie
  6. tubaloopy

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    The DC is played in Mephi by most successful bands.
  7. Alan MacRae

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    Not necessarily. I remember being part of a scratch band a few years ago playing an unpublished march, and hoping to get a couple of prizes for "best new march" along the way. Unlikely, I would have thought, to have prizes for best new march alongside rules stating it must be "published"... although, I have been known to be wrong before in my guesswork ;)
  8. Bayerd

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    AFAIK the march does not need to be published. One year I went out with West Yorks Police Band under the guise of Ashby Roofing, and played Pompous Mein, which isn't published and only held by a handful of bands.
  9. BIG Paul

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    Although the website doesn't mention Ashton under lyne
    Broadoak is Ashton and Hurst Cross is Ashton. So I think it is a full list
  10. BeatTheSheep

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    I've written a march in 3/4 and one in 7/8. They are definately hard, but would they be admissable at Whit Friday? Both have the contest march style.
  11. tubaloopy

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    Why does this not surprise me Stuart?
  12. timbloke

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    Taken from Delph Contest website at http://web.ukonline.co.uk/i.payne/rules.html

    Not sure if that makes things more straight forward, or more confused? Perhaps someone should make use of the contact name at the bottom?
  13. Straightmute

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    Co-incidentally I've just received the newsletter for Scouthead Contest. Rule 4: Bands must play a published march.

    Pompous Main was published by the composer but fell out of print (and availability) many years ago. I don't think that marches that have previously been published - but are no longer produced - would be excluded!

  14. timbloke

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    I've also received this, also the Dobcross newsletter which, whilst having printed rules, contains nothing about the band or music - its all about where the coaches should be!
  15. oddbod

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    Having Judged a Whit Friday for several years - it doesn' seem to matter what you play, I got unknown manuscripts sent to me, but I never heard a really, really good performance of one. The ORB's, Ravenswoods, Mephis', Knight's, and Wizards etc will usually take the day because the best bands on the planet stick to them, but if you're aiming for a lower section prize - Ord Hume's Brilliant has done that a few times (If you have a good cornetist) - and some others... It would be interesting to hear from players who have scored section prizes on other marches...
  16. oddbod

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    From memory, there's something like a - 5 bar repeat - in Mephi, and it just doesn't scan if you don't repeat -

    Having said that, there's no DC at the bottom of Mephi - but some judges have previously commented "Why DC?" and others "Why no DC?"

    Those that do DC have to play the short repeat against tradition or they perform musical nonsense.

    .........Shake the dice!
  17. ronnie_the_lizard

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    Hmmm........ often thought as much but nice to hear an adjudicator admit it............ ;)
  18. tubafran

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    Just a question on the etiquette of bands pre-announcing what march they are going to play. Should bands keep their choice of march to themselves? - It's just that 4barsrest have announced the name of a band and the march they will be using today.
  19. PeterBale

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    I seem to recall the same thing happened when Dyke took part a couple of years back, and every report focussed on what they would be playing, and how it had brought them success in the past.
  20. a very flat b

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    DC if its a nice warm evening ............ No DC if it throwing it down:-?