Whit friday wedding

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    I suppose it's time to go public on this one.Most band people who know me would say that whit friday is my favourite day of the year.It's like christmas day and your birthday rolled into one , and as soon as it's over, I'm looking forward to the next one.Whit friday has also been very kind to me over the years and I have been very lucky to win lots of prizes whilst conducting my old band, Parr band (two best non-championship trophies at Delph) and also with my current band ,Greenall's.SOooooo! When my fiancee, Joanne(solo horn - Greenall's) suggested we get married on whit friday, you can imagine my response!!!
    This year, it's going to be birthday, christmas day and wedding day all rolled into one! Joanne and I are due to marry at 10.30 a.m. on whit friday morning, then it's off for a chinese buffet at noon and onto the charabang at 3.00 p.m. bound for Saddleworth. Greenall's band will be celebrating with us and I'm sure a lot of you will will notice us on the circuit and we'll be hoping for a prize. I don't know which route we're taking yet, but we will finish in Delph where old friends from other bands will meet up with us. I can't tell you how much we are looking forward to it, and we can't think of a better way to have a wedding reception. I don't know many TMP'ers but if your'e around, say hello. I'll be in my favourite place, on my favourite day,with Joanne and the best folk in the world - band folk!!!
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    aaaaw how sweet.
    congratulations and all the best for a happy future together :)

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    Congratulations John & Joanne, so you have won a first prize already! Julie and I won't be in Saddleworth on your wedding day I'm afraid. I will try to get in touch with the omnipotent powers and see if I can get the calendar changed, so that your anniversary will be on Whit Friday every year :biggrin:
  4. Di

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    Aww, how romantic. :) Hope you have a superb day and a very happy future together. :clap:
  5. 2nd man down

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    Fantastic!! Can't think of a better way to tie the knot! Hope you have a brilliant day, and if we bump in to you I'll say Hi!! Good luck for the day. :tup :clap:
  6. Steve

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    I presume you will be doing whits in wedding attire :tup Congrats guys
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    I remember the other year seeing "Stag Brass" on the circuit- someone was having a Whit Friday stag do with his mates from various bands! What a great idea!
  8. Steve

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    Just dont do it in hired wedding gear! Makes a cheap day at the Whits rather more costly
  9. gawber

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    Many congratulations.
    Hope you have a long, happy and healthy married life together.
  10. 2nd man down

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    Are you playing the Wedding March?
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    Congratulations John and Joanne, hope you enjoy your day. All the best
  12. $hytalk

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    Yes we'll be in wedding attire (bought not hired - so no worries!!) and so will most of the band and the coach!!! Many thanks for the kind messages.
  13. Horny H

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    Congratulations John and Joanne! Good luck for the wedding and the playing. Playing with Parr so we'll see you in Delph. Best wishes Hayley and Stuart
  14. $hytalk

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    Definately not! Although the band want to.
  15. brass stick

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    wedding congratulations

    Many happy returns John ,and congratulations - what a fantastic way to celebrate and remember your anniversary.

    Hope you both have many happy banding years together!


    Sale Brass
  16. Naomi McFadyen

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    What a plendid idea :)

    Hope you have a most wonderful day!
  17. $hytalk

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    Thanks steve - long time no see, hope we might see you on whit friday?
  18. gawber

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    Are we allowed to throw confetti?
  19. NeilW

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    I wonder if the horns, baris, euphs and basses will be playing with hairnets over the bells to keep it out!

    I used to play at a carnival where the kids threw pennies etc and we soon got hairnets!

    Good luck to John & Joanne - we get to our 24th anniversary tomorrow!

  20. $hytalk

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    Yes, but it would be better if you threw money or crates of wine or beer!!!!!:p