Whit Friday Venue Postcodes

Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by essexgirl, May 18, 2009.

  1. essexgirl

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    Does anyone have the postcodes for the Thameside Venues please, would help keep the coach driver happy!

    Many thanks

  2. BigHorn

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    Just a warning - tell the driver to be sensible. Our coach used stnav last year around thameside and we had some very narrow side roads to negotiate - wholly unsuitable for a coach.
  3. essexgirl

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    Thameside Whit Friday

    Sound advice indeed, thanks
    I've now been told the postcodes are on the yellow flier from Thameside council just not on their website!

    One other question, does anyone know which venues have 3rd and 4th section only prizes?

    Sale Brass and Whit Friday Virgin !:oops:
  4. jo_g

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    From what I remember Friezland is only for 3rd, 4th and junior bands. They also have an excellent BBQ! Beware sat-nav over the tops, as BigHorn said a lot of common sense is needed so you can ignore it when it tries to send you down a footpath. If the driver doesn't know the area that well, he could ask other drivers at each venue the best way to the next one you plan to go to. A lot of them will be seasoned veterans and probably have some good route advice.
  5. tubafran

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    It's also worth having a look on the official site for the one-way systems etc and try to avoid the adverse camber at Lydgate - always fun watching someones brand new coach scraping the bottom off the front.
  6. Mephi

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    Postcodes for the contests can be found on the area adverts in last weeks Bandsman, may even be on the BB website as well!