Whit Friday - The Monty Python Scratch Band

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  1. m.f.cooper

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    So, after a personal absence of 6 or so years, I managed to finally get back to Whit Friday with 'And Now For Something Completely Different" - A scratch band with a Monty Python Music & Fancy Dress Theme. I had an awesome day, but was wondering if the Mouthpiece community could help me out.

    Did anyone get any photos of us? If would be great to see some of us, especially if you saw us "entertaining" the audience at the villages we attended (Denshaw, Lees, Greenfield, Dobcross & Delph).

    Hope everyone else had a great day out, too :)


    EDIT: Also, if anyone got any pics of me and my Parrot, or any of the other band members, it would be great to see them, too :)
  2. m.f.cooper

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    And sod it - My phone has auto-corrected 'Monty' to 'Month'. Damn!
    If a moderator ever sees this - A title change would be most appreciated!
  3. PeterBale

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    Done - glad to hear you had a good time!
  4. m.f.cooper

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    Thanks! We definitely did. Now to start planning next years theme...
  5. hobgoblin

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    A scratch band in 'fancy dress'? Had a 'good time'? 'Entertaining the audience'? God help you if Alan Wycherley saw you, or you were drinking. I'm off to the 4br letters page to wait for the right minded guardians of the sacred Whit Friday traditions to vent their fury. It's exactly this sort of thing that ruins Whit Friday for everyone.
  6. simonium

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    Can anyone tell me why it would appear that all of the "name" bands (Fairey, Dyke, Briggus, Leyland etc)congregated away from Foden's this year?
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  7. The_Eighth_Dwarf

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    Well done Monty Python band. Thought you were all fantastic. We (City of Bristol) followed you through a few of the villages thought you were highly entertaining! I'm sure some of our members got some pics of you. I see what I can find.
  8. Stracathro

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    Well Dyke and B&R always do Saddleworth and Leyland usually do a few that side. Fairey have had some success in the odd contest they've done in Saddleworth in recent years and not so much in Tameside (relatively) so probably decided it was worth a change. Also, if you're going to finish 2nd, it's probably more profitable to do so in Saddleworth.

    Really enjoyable Whit Friday this year. Bumper crowds, great weather, great atmosphere and top banding. Area results indicate it was pretty even at the top too. Shame traffic was so bad really as I think a fair few bands only managed 5-6 contests rather than the usual 8 or so.