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    Well, last Friday evening something I was glad I didn't miss out on. It gave me, and a few other people in tMP Band, a chance to savour the Whit Friday 'experience' for the 1st time.
    The main thanks for this goes to John (TheMusicMan) for setting up www.theMouthpiece.com, to Rachel (Sparkling_Quavers) for organising it all and putting a band together, and to David (Straightmute) for getting us into shape in a meagre 2 hours rehearsal time. Also, thanks to those of the band and our supporters, especially those that travelled miles to be a part of it. Definately much appreciated.
    Apologies if I've missed anyone out :oops:

    We all certainly 'spread the word' of www.theMouthpiece.com wherever we went and the last couple of results prooved we are no mugs. :D
    Hopefully, I will be there next year (exams permitting) to repeat the fun, and I WON'T get drunk the night before again! We might also aim to get there a little earlier! :wink:

    Once again, massive thanks! :D

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