Whit Friday Saddleworth Results

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  1. timbloke

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    Are available in a handy "pick your band" spreadsheet at:


    Unfortunately it doesn't give you a chance opf finding out how well ypu did compared to other people. maybe someone will decipher the spreadsheet and break it down to do that.

    I've figured it out, but it is long winded, I'll wait until someone finds a quicker way, or wait until I can explain it here.

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  2. sunny_jimbob

    sunny_jimbob Member

    Format menu, go to sheet, click on unhide, click on OK.

    You can then use Data, Sort on whichever venue column you like.

    /IT Tutor
  3. blakeyboy

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    nice to see Henstag brass taking an ACE result at Dobcross....not bad at 9th for a scratch band!!! Also congrats to Phil White taking best sop at Denshaw....WELL DONE GUYS, just sorry I couldn't be there.
  4. Janet Watkins

    Janet Watkins Member

    Thanks Nick!
  5. Pythagoras

    Pythagoras Active Member

    Readers of a nervous disposition shouldn't look at these results!

    Denshaw 53/53
    Delph 52/75 (NOT LAST!!!!!!!!!!!)
    Lees 51/51
    Scouthead 65/65

    Oh dear. Still, only had 1 bass (me) playing E flat rather than B flat (except at Scouthead where John Pullin from Hepworth helped out, thanks John). Had a good time. Don't think it helped our cause at Lees that we played immediately after Hepworth who were amazing.
  6. 2nd man down

    2nd man down Moderator Staff Member

    Hey Pythagoras, you must have been there at Scouthead while we were waiting to play, we were 2 bands after Hepworth!!

    We won the deportment Prize there too!!!! WOOHOO!!!!! No idea what that adjudicator was looking for, I was waiving my arms about most of the way down the road!! :eek:

    Our results in saddleworth were;
    Friezeland 6/45
    Dobcross 38/57 (we were pooped out by then)
    Scouthead 17/65 (2nd in 4th section and deportment winners!!!!)
  7. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    How weird was that - BBSBB arrived at Scouthead to meet up with Cresswell and Whitwell (these villages are less than 5 miles away from my home at Killamarsh) and I know a lot of their players. Just before BBSBB set off on the march Killamarsh turned up and then they were followed be players from Old Silkstone that have been on tour with Killamarsh and Hepworth followed them (John Pullin had played with Killamarsh and lots of tours).

    Didn't meet any other bands I know just met everyone at Scouthead. BBSBB had not even planned to go there but we diverted from somewhere else as there were too many bands waiting. When we got to Scouthead they said there were only 4 bands waiting - that was for the march they forgot to say there were another 5 bands waiting on the field.
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  8. Tracey

    Tracey Member

    Tension Brass (Old Silkstone band and friends) results were;-

    Delph 10/75
    Denshaw 16/53
    Dobcross 14/57
    Lydgate 8/57
    Scouthead 13/65
    Uppermill 23/57

    and a great evening was had by all!
  9. yorkie19

    yorkie19 Active Member

    For what it's worth, overall placings;

    1 - Brighouse
    2 - Marsden
    3 - Dobcross
    4 - United Norwest Co-op Milnrow
    5 - Berne
    6 - VBS Poynton
    7 - Mossley
    8 - Blackburn and Darwen
    9 - Holme Silver
    10 - Delph
    11 - Diggle
    12 - Oldham Band (Lees)
    13 - Tension Brass
    14 - Boarshurst Silver
    15 - Shepherd Building Group
    16 - Rochdale Borough Youth
    17 - Meltham and Meltham Mills
    18 - YBS Concert
    19 - Salvo
    20 - Slathwaite
  10. Janet Watkins

    Janet Watkins Member

    Quite! Creswell followed us from Denshaw, but then we managed to shake them off. Good to see GeordieColin and Neil Twist there too.

    Stephen2001 also bumped into his A Level physics teacher at Scouthead.

    We got caught with this one too. Not until I read the programme later the next day at home did I discover that band personnel in uniform could jump the beer and food queues!

    I've added a couple of photos (Whitwell and Killamarsh) to the gallery here.

    For the record Whitwell managed:

    Denshaw 23/53
    Scouthead 64/65
    Friezland 34/45 (no Best Basses this year (as in 2004) 'cos I wasn't playing :wink: )
    Lydgate 29/57
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  11. Pythagoras

    Pythagoras Active Member

    It is me hiding behind the bass in the photo. Tried doing Denshaw without a strap, because I'd forgot mine (and my Lyre). Gave in after that and borrowed a strap off one of the euph players.

    You didn't miss much with the burgers
  12. geordiecolin

    geordiecolin Active Member

    Does anyone know if that Cooper's bus (was it Killamarsh's or Creswells??) ever made it back to where it came from? I heard rumours of a push start!!

    Scouthead certainly seemed to be that one contest where everyone bumped into each other, last year it was Dobcross.

    Barnsley Building Society had decent return although we only managed 2 Saddleworth venues having spent the early part of the evening over Tameside way. We generally matched results of the previous couple of years:

    Dobcross: 17/57
    Scouthead: 15/65

    Quote of the night, although I can't remember who it came from upon seeing the adjudicators campervan at Scouthead:

    "Who's judging this one? Max and Paddy?!"
  13. critic

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  14. lucretia

    lucretia Member

    Did anyone take a copy of this? The link is dead.
  15. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    No it was the Cresswell bus form Coopers that was having the trouble - not the best of drivers either couldn't get it round that turn into Dobcross in one go - we sat behind them whilst they manouvered backwards and forwards and then followed it up the hill with a strong smell of burning clutch. Even better was our "runner" getting us the place a head of Cresswell in the performance order. In a race between Graham and Dave Ralph my monies got to be on Graham - Dave's a train driver, nuff said.
  16. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    PM me your email address and I'll send it on.
  17. Di

    Di Active Member

    Do you also have any contact details Francis? Any chance you could let them know their web site is down?
  18. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    Sorry no contact details - however both Saddleworth and Tameside results are on a spreadsheet at the bottom of 4barsrest report on Saddleworth now

  19. Di

    Di Active Member

    OK, thanks. :tup
  20. TheCheshireCat

    TheCheshireCat New Member

    A big CONGRATULATIONS to Marsden:clap: :clap: for there excellent 2nd Place overall in Saddleworth.

    All the more amazing as they played first at Greenacres (4.00 p.m) and last at Delph (12.40 a.m).

    This after playing in the morning marches in Uppermill ,along with Diggle they have the longest march into Uppermill centre, then they played for the service in the park, no mean feat when you consider the temperature on Friday. This also meant they missed the traditional pint in Uppermill Con!!:frown:

    All the bands taking part in the morning marches need congratulating as they all put up a good show and performed well on the night.:clap:

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