Whit Friday Rules For First Timers!

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Teenibeen, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. Teenibeen

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    We have formed a scratch band of Scottish players and are heading for the Whit Friday marches and dont really know much about the format can anyone help ?
    Do you pay at each contest ?
    Do you have to register as a scratch band in advance ?

    Thanks in advance :D
  2. sparkling_quavers

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    You don't have to pay at all contests, for some it is a nominal £1 or £2 entry. There will be a tent for registration. Make sure you have someone who will book the band in, they are normally called the 'runner'. When you pull the coach up allow this person off first. You don't need to be 'officially' registered as a band but they will ask for the band contact details. It could be a good idea to type up/photocopy some sheets with a contact's name and address on as you will need to supply this at registration. You can then just hand them this at registration - quick and easy! Make sure your runner has a supply of £ coins! As a scratch band you will be in the 'open' section for any graded contests. Also note that when you register they may ask for a conductor/solo cornet part to the march you are playing.
  3. Teenibeen

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    Thanks very much for that. WE didnt know if we should enter under our own 3rd section band as we are made up of current and ex Campbeltown players with a few guests or enter as a scratch band. We dont want to cause any problems, ive heard of some bands that have guest players winning contests and other bands in that section not being happy as maybe the guests are from higher sections giving them an unfair advantage. On the other hand We are only having one rehearsal together beforehand and probably wouldnt be in the running for prizes anyway !
  4. robcav

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    From past experience, the best piece of advice I would give is to plan your route carefully. If you approach a contest and find there are five bands waiting to play, move on to the next venue otherwise you could be spending an awful lot of the evening waiting around. Sometimes though, especially if it's a venue you really want to play at, you have to bite the bullet and wait otherwise you could spend a lot of the evening driving around. Best of luck though. It's a great evening and at most venues there's a fantastic atmosphere.
  5. Does your coach driver know what he's in for? Being relatively local to the marches, our drivers have generally heard about it beforehand, but we did have one the other year that expected to drop us off at a venue and then park up for the evening (and have a snooze or whatever they do!) He was less than impressed at driving around little winding lanes for the whole night!! Other drivers ask to do it, 'cos they soak up the atmosphere and have a laugh with the band...
  6. ronnie_the_lizard

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    >>If you approach a contest and find there are five bands waiting to play, move on to the next venue

    Surely these '5 band wait' venues are exactly what you want - any less and it's too much of a rush to get the BBb's off the bus in time, any more and you feel you have to go back to the bar for a third pint ........

    I guess it might depend on who the 5 bands were though.
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  7. Steve

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    Local info is essential!!!! I strongly recommend making sure someone on the bus knows the layout of the villages pretty well and which venues are a must do. If you dont have someone on the bus then contact a band that does it regularly and get some inside info.

    Im sure someone on here would willingly volunteer some info, most bands I do it with get a local driver that knows the score so bringing one with you from Scotland could be fateful.

    The better you know the area, the more enjoyable your day, the more contests you do and the less time you spend driving aimlessly though small winding roads with nothing to do but sing songs and admire the scenery!
  8. Steve

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    Also, if you are worried about competing in the 3rd section for fear of annoying others then enter as a scratch band but make sure you keep the Campbletown name in there somewhere :tup
  9. englishgill

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    A bus driver who knows his way round is essential - our first year the first task for our poor first time driver was a 3 point turn on a 1 in 4 hill on a blind bend with a sheer drop the other side of the stone wall. Actually he really enjoyed the night and volunteered as our driver the next year - hopefully he'll be with us again this year as he was a good laugh and didn't mind beers on the bus!
  10. Alan Fernie

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    Hi Teenibeen,

    If you've got George from Jedforest with you, as I suspect you might, he'll know what to do. He goes every year and has taken a band from Jedforest there twice, and he knows all the tricks and locations. You'll have a guid night!!!
  11. Teenibeen

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    Yeh George is coming and we are very glad that he knows the area. Do we need to bring our own name board or does someone just write one when you arrive at a contest ?
  12. HBB

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    They generally have chalkboards for each band :)
  13. NeilW

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    The first time I went up was with Hanwell when they were the "Roneo Alcatel Band": the committee insisted on no alcohol before we finished playing, and we marched under the name "Roneo Temperance Band" at one venue :)

    Another "rule" for Teenibeen: make sure you offer a drink to the euphonium section of the bands before and after you in the queue (I can hope, can't I?)

    I'm sure you'll have a great night.

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